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Did you know that your website’s content could be the difference between someone purchasing your product or going with one of your competitors? That’s right, content marketing has been proven to increase conversion rates. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your website properly conveys your brand’s message. This is where an ecommerce freelance writer comes into play.

By collaborating with an experienced freelance writer you can ensure that your online store has useful content that customers will care about.

But how do you go about engaging the right ecommerce freelance writer for your needs? We’ll take you through the steps to hiring the perfect one.


How to Attract Ecommerce Freelance Writers

The first step in this process is to create a role description that attracts your preferred candidate.

Start by determining what type of writing matches your brand, such as friendly informational posts or striking advertising copy.

What specific pieces do you need? When you find what you’re missing, you can develop a content strategy and better understand what type of writer fits the bill.

All writers are different. Some vary in expertise, especially when it comes to copywriting versus content writing. The best writers often have their own niches, so you have to consider what area they specialize in to win their interest. Here are a few examples:

Product Titles – phrases that trigger the platform algorithm to rank the product page higher and speak to what shoppers are looking for at the same time.

Product Descriptions copy that entices shoppers to purchase a product, written according to specific platform guidelines (like Amazon or eBay versus your own WordPress or Shopify site.)

Social Media Posts – content that encourages engagement and builds relationships with an audience, written in line with your brand voice.

Blog Posts – informative articles like product how-tos and solutions your product offers, aimed at providing value while introducing an audience to the company values and offering, written in a way that puts the shopper first.

Ad Copy – Advertising text that converts, written for cold, warm, or hot prospects as is appropriate.

Customer Service Emails – outreach messages and question and complaint responses that serve customers, written in a way that shows them how much they are valued.

Product Demo Scripts – text to accompany video clips or animation that complements the purpose of the content and adds clarity and tone to the visual aspects, all in line with the message and your brand culture.

FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions that overcome customer objections while enlightening shoppers on key features and added benefits of a product.

Next, think about your values as a company. You want to attract an ecommerce freelance writer who aligns with your own work values. While this doesn’t sound important since you’re hiring a contractor, it can actually be more important because of the remote nature of the work. You want to be connected to any freelance hire on a deeper level to bridge the gap. This also ensures that you’re hiring a person who you find easy to work with.

Use these details to write out a strong role description:

  1. Technical information about the writing project
  2. Proposed budget for each piece/bulk work
  3. Hard and soft skills you require

role description key points

Lead with the best keywords that describe the role and ideal candidate. This will be your title. For example:

  •         Regular Online Retail Clothing Website Page Content Writer
  •         Reliable WordPress Blogger for Accessories Store
  •         Flexible and Detail-Oriented Amazon Listing Optimizer for Boutique Store
  •         Self-Motivated Facebook Post Creator for Amazon and eBay Marketing

freelance job description example



Where to Look For An Ecommerce Freelance Writer

Armed with your role description, it’s time to connect with your ideal candidate. This means having a presence where the best ecommerce freelance writers hang out and posting your opening there.

A freelance marketplace like FreeUp will allow you to choose from a pool of highly vetted and qualified candidates.

Your carefully crafted role description should attract only the candidates you want and repel those who aren’t a good fit. At the very least, you’ll be able to spot and weed out the “fakes”. A good trick here is to ask a simple question. If they don’t follow your instructions and ignore the question, they’ve automatically disqualified themselves and you wasted zero time.


Interview to Find the Best Candidate

Once you have a few responses, reach out to the candidates to set up interviews. You’ll want to take only a few on at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Tackling 2-3 interviews allows you to focus on pertinent questions and pay close attention to their responses.

The interview questions that you ask must be keen and focused on more than just the surface answer. Prepare the common questions you want to be answered including a candidate’s experience, for instance, but be on the lookout for what else those answers indicate, such as:

  •         Attitude towards a difficult client – conciliatory versus argumentative
  •         Being solution-oriented in a difficult situation versus playing the blame game
  •         Ability to meet tight deadlines without losing positivity
  •         Communication to get work done smoothly versus you having to chase down assignments

Note that you should be recording their responses. This is so that you can compare candidates to find the best fit. Ideally, you should be ranking each candidate based on a set of criteria that comes from your role description.

A little more effort spent setting this up makes the search much less stressful and more productive. Clarity is key when looking for an ecommerce freelance writer who will serve you well.


Final Thoughts

The search for an ecommerce freelance writer can be as difficult or as easy as you make it. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to find the candidate who is the perfect fit for your writing needs.

Follow the processes outlined above and really put some time and effort into them. A little planning goes a long way. If you’re ready to start the hiring process, sign up for FreeUp today!


About the Author – This post was written by FreeUp, a freelance marketplace for content creators, web developers, marketing professionals, and more.


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