The more your orders pile up the harder it can be to keep track of them. If a repeat customer asks about an old order how will you help them?

What if you have to contact all customers who ordered a certain product? Without an order management solution, who knows how long it might take you to find the information you need? Ecomdash offers a search function across all your past orders so the information you need is easy to find.

The search function is located in the support tab and with it you are able to search for specific sales orders based on a variety of search terms. You can search by the product that is sold, a billing address, a shipping address, or by the order number itself. This creates an easy order management system for your business, so when a customer asks a question about something they purchased you can assist them quickly and easily.

Ecomdash permanently archives all sales orders that come through the system. This means that whether you are searching for a sales order from yesterday, or six months ago, you will be able to find it. By offering a way to easily search through past orders, ecomdash allows you to spend less time trying to find ways to help your customers, and more time actually helping them.

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