Show Me The Money! Don’t Let Amazon Fees Cut Into Net Profits

make more money on amazon with these free amazon seller tools

If you’re new to selling on Amazon (or a new seller in general), it can be hard to get a proper grasp on how much revenue you’re making. After marketplace fees, shipping costs and any other transactional deduction, it can get confusing figuring out your actual profit. Amazon, one of the more popular marketplaces for online merchants, has a fairly wide array of fees depending on if you’re an individual seller, pro merchant or using FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). Running through the numbers on your own or in excel can be time consuming (not to mention a headache in the making). To avoid the frustration, we’ve found a few free calculators to help you determine how much you’re really making per sale.

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Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator – Select from category of product types (consumer electronics, kitchen, etc), shipping method (ex. domestic standard), whether you are a Pro Merchant and more to calculate your net profit after shipping and fees. There is even a place to input your desired profit in order to see where you may need to adjust.

FBA Revenue Calculator – Populate real-time cost comparisons between your own fulfillment expenses and Amazon’s offering for orders fulfilled directly through

Amazon Fee Calculator – Much like the first calculator, this tool provided by Ecommerce Bytes is designed to help sellers determine their total profit on items after shipping and fees. Though it’s only in beta (testing) today, its multiple options for providing transactional information make for a robust calculation.

Do you know of any other free tools available to help you determine true profit for your ecommerce business? Please share with us in the comments below.

At ecomdash, we really want to make things simpler for our customers. Whether it’s through our amazon inventory management software or just sharing knowledge and free tools we come across, we are happy to help. If you need any help getting your Amazon store set up in ecomdash or list new items to Amazon, please feel free to contact us.

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Tiana ByersShow Me The Money! Don’t Let Amazon Fees Cut Into Net Profits

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  1. Lee

    Thanks for this article and all the links. I have learned that were Amazon can be a bit brutal is with oversized products. Though it’s really not their fault since the larger products cost more to ship. For the most part, Amazon FBA is really helpful and allows smaller businesses to compete because it costs less.

    1. Liz Pekarek

      Hi Lee! We are so glad that you liked the article and the resource links. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned with our audience!

  2. Michael

    Helpful article! But I also use free FBA Calculator extension for Google Chrome. Here the link;

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