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So, you’ve decided to start selling on Amazon’s marketplace. When it comes to online marketplaces, Amazon continually dominates the arena; thus making it an attractive option for many ecommerce sellers. With a large market within reach and potential for an increase in sales, it makes sense why so many business owners have added Amazon marketplace to their selling channel mix.

It is an exciting, but nerve-wracking decision to begin your journey selling on Amazon. Navigating the ins and outs of selling on a marketplace can be overwhelming. Finding success on Amazon’s marketplace does not happen overnight. From calculating your actual profit to using the correct keywords to list your products, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into becoming a successful Amazon seller. While there is not one set recipe for success, there are many ingredients to lead you in the right direction. To help you avoid frustration and improve your selling experience, we have compiled a list of free Amazon seller tools to help jump start your business and put you in the direction of finding success on the popular marketplace.


Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator 

Select from the categories of product types (consumer electronics, kitchen, etc), shipping method (ex. domestic standard), whether you are a Pro Merchant and more to calculate your net profit after shipping and fees. There is even a place to input your desired profit in order to see where you may need to adjust your prices. This calculator will help decide a fair price to list your products at, while still making a profit.



A price-tracking tool that allows you to view Amazon price history, sales levels, popular products, and create price drop alerts. It is also available as a browser add-on, called The Camelizer, which allows you to easily view price history charts. Understanding pricing on Amazon is essential to creating an effective pricing strategy for your products.


FBA Revenue Calculator

Populate real-time cost comparisons between your own fulfillment expenses and Amazon’s offering for orders fulfilled directly through The FBA Revenue Calculator will help sellers decide if it would be more cost effective to fulfill orders through Fulfillment by Amazon or on their own.


Amazon Seller App

A mobile application designed by Amazon to take your business on the go. Allows the seller to efficiently respond to customers, manage inventory, orders, and returns, analyze sales, and more. Have the ability to check on your business no matter where you are.


Jungle Scout

Offers a variety of free resources including webinars on a variety of topics, a listing grader to optimize your listings, case studies about selling on Amazon, and a sales estimator to see monthly sales estimates of any Amazon product.


Google Keyword Planner

A listing tool to help you find which keywords you should be using to optimize your product descriptions and titles. It allows you to find the most accurate keywords for your business and look at current keyword trends. Properly and optimally labeling your products is essential to having your product seen by potential customers.


FBA Profitability Calculator

Wondering if Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is the right move for you? Use this calculator to see the cost for each product you sell to see if FBA would cut into your profits.


Using tools like the ones listed above will help you streamline your operations and boost the value of your business. With hard work and a savvy use of the resources available, your experience selling on Amazon’s marketplace will be a positive one. Do you know of any other free Amazon seller tools available to help maximize your selling experience? Please share with us in the comments below.

At ecomdash, we really want to make things simpler for our customers. Whether it’s through our amazon inventory management software or just sharing knowledge and free tools we come across, we are happy to help. If you need any help getting your Amazon store set up in ecomdash or list new items to Amazon, please feel free to contact us.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written in September 2014. It has been updated to present you with more accurate and current information.

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