free apps for sellersSelling online is many things – a break from the ordinary, exciting, rewarding, something you’ve always thought of doing. However, there is one thing that selling online is definitely not – easy. Though automation software and multichannel integration tools have made things easier, it has made it a little harder to catch up on using one specific tool. For the last few weeks, we talked about the best free tools for editing photos, finding a domain, and getting listings onto eBay. Keeping with the marketplace-specific theme, we decided it was time to talk about an ecommerce shopping cart platform that our customers (and many others) adore- Shopify. Shopify is an excellent ecommerce website platform with various free apps available for download to add-on. With an extensive list to sort through, it can be overwhelming weeding out the “very cool” from the “practical and helpful.” We did the research for you and found the top three free apps for sellers right here.


This app allows you to see where your orders are being placed in real time. Gain insight into the geographic demographics of your customer base, and make better use of your marketing resources by advertising to places where you’re brand is well liked. Or, figure out where in the world people could stand to know a little more about your company, and start marketing to them too.

Product Reviews-

The Product Reviews app (formerly known as Grapevine Reviews) allows customers to easily leave reviews on your site that you can either approve or deny before they go live. It’s SEO friendly, so  your reviews can populate in a google search, and its customizable and easy to use. It has a flexible and adaptive design that matches you current theme for a cohesive look. (I’m sure none of you will get a review like the first one listed, but at least you know you can delete it).

get more product reviews - example

Improved Contact Form-

This app instantly installs a “contact us” page and popup for your shop. It makes communication between you and the customer easier from both ends – the popup makes it easy for them to find, and you as the seller receive a detailed page of their question, how many times they’ve visited your site before, and how they found your site. Chose what information you want customers to fill out in the form (name, email address, etc), and have the contact sent directly to your inbox. Plus, there’s built in anti-spam protection.

Example of a contact form submission

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To see more Shopify apps, visit their app store. If you’d like to see how ecomdash can integrate with your Shopify store and help make selling easier, sign up for your free trial.

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