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ebay listing toolsFirst impressions are very important; this could not be truer when listing your products on eBay. Optimally listing your products is essential to finding success on the platform. In a sea of products similar to your own, having listing that stands out and is easy to navigate could mean the potential for more sales.

How do you optimally list your products, though? From the keywords you use in your product description to the template you have created, every small detail in your listing is important to generating sales and gaining potential customer’s attention. To help you list your products and ensure they are high quality, we have compiled a list of free eBay listing seller tools for you to try out.


Selling Manager

TYPE: Listing and Analytics tool

PRICE: Free. Already integrated for sellers with a Basic eBay Store subscription.

ACCESS: Online, integrated into your eBay account.

BEST FOR: Mid-size businesses, medium volume sellers.

SUMMARY: Selling Manager is an all-in-one solution for creating, managing and tracking your eBay listings. Below is a detailed chart provided by eBay that details what Selling Manager offers:

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: EBay seller account.


File Exchange

TYPE: Listing and Analytics tool


ACCESS: Online, through my eBay.

BEST FOR: High-volume sellers.

SUMMARY: File exchange offers a range of full-scale listing capabilities. According to the File Exchange menu, you can

  • Add, revise, re-list, and end a listing or update the status and leave feedback for a listing all in a single file.
  • Download active listings and sales history reports in a flat file format for importing to your own software package.
  • Creates the file template you need for any category, including the columns for any item-specifics.
  • Here is an example of file exchange process:

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: List items using a flat file from an Excel spreadsheet, MS Access, or other inventory software.


Supreme Lister

TYPE: Listing tool

PRICE: Free basic package, with premium packages for a monthly fee.

ACCESS: Online, register via eBay account.

BEST FOR: Small to mid-size sellers.

SUMMARY: Create and manage your listings. The free version includes:

  • 100 free designs
  • Four images per item
  • Starting-time planner
  • Cross-marketing

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: All eBay requirements.


Listing Analytics

TYPE: Analytics tool

PRICE: Free.

ACCESS: Online, through my eBay.

BEST FOR: Mid to high volume sellers.

SUMMARY: Learn about your visibility, clicks, sales made, and your best and worst performing listings.

  • Search keywords to see where your listing ranks
  • View analytics based upon your listings to see how to optimize them to generate sales
  • See how your listings are doing compared to similar fixed price listings


  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later, Apple Safari 2 or later.
  • Supports any operating system, including Macintosh


We Are Phoenix Team

TYPE: Listing tool

PRICE: Free.

ACCESS: Online.

BEST FOR: Small to mid volume sellers.

SUMMARY: Create free responsive eBay templates.

  • Choose from pre-made designs
  • Enter in your product information
  • Upload the listing directly to your eBay account
  • Here is an example of their template designer:

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: All eBay requirements.


As you have now learned, your listings are a huge part of finding success on eBay. Designing them to be appealing, easily understandable, and 100% eBay compliant are keys to attracting and retaining customers. Luckily for you, over here at ecomdash we had that in mind. To make your eBay selling experience even better, we have partnered up with eBay experts, CrazyLister, to bring you a new integration. CrazyLister allows sellers to design professional, mobile-responsive eBay templates with their easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool. By teaming up with CrazyLister, we have provided a simple solution to creating eBay templates and publishing those templates directly to eBay. Say goodbye to copy-pasting and say hello to your new faster, more efficient business. Start your 15-day FREE trial today!

What is your favorite listing tool? Or- what would your perfect listing tool be able to accomplish? Let us know in the comments.

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Tiana ByersFree eBay Listing Tools

Comments 8

    1. Post
      Tiana Byers

      Hey Tommy,

      Thanks for reaching out! Ecomdash supports all eBay inventory, listing and order management. We do not currently integrate with the in-marketplace messaging from buyers to sellers to manage the communications. You can use the ecomdash email marketing to send promotions or emails to buyers but we do not import or manage the in-marketplace emails.


    1. Liz Pekarek

      Thanks! We are happy to hear that you’ve found this to be useful. We wish you the best with your company.


  1. Andy

    Turbo Lister is being discontinued with no replacement as of June 2017. Might be time to update this article. Not quite clear if that means it’ll stop working altogether, or if it’ll keep working until the next platform update, but it’s on the way out either way.
    As a seller who has recently thrown himself into selling in the last few months, I’m really disappointed that this simple tool is being discontinued.

    1. Liz Pekarek

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the information. Yes, you are correct, they will discontinue Turbo Lister in June 2017. It will continue to work for those who’ve been using it. No one know how long. I agree that it is disappointing. eBay is moving everyone over to their new eBay Seller Hub. Here are a few links with updates:


  2. Al

    We sell a lot of seasonal items. Turbo Lister, located on our hard drive, was a perfect location to store out of season items, avoiding paying ‘rent’ to eBay each month.
    Do you have a solution to our problem?

    1. Haley Cloyd

      Al, great question!

      Within ecomdash, you can store your product and listing details without the product being on eBay. This way, you can easily re-submit your listing to eBay whenever you’re ready. If you’d like to speak to an ecomdash team member in more deatil, please email

      Hope this helps!

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