We’ve written quite a few posts on the best free ecommerce tools for online sellers, including tools for editing photos, creating infographics, social media posts for your website, and more. Today, we’d like to dedicate this Free Tool Monday to our all time favorite and number one go-to tool for design – Canva. Canva is a fantastic resource for creating a wide range of graphics for your webstore, social media and email marketing. You can select from pre-made templates and pre-sized posts that are the exact measurements for a twitter post, Facebook cover photo or business card. We use Canva all the time. It’s intuitive, easy to navigate, and did we mention its free? Here the top 3 reasons you should use Canva for all your social media design needs.


1. Templates To Fit All Your Needs – Literally

Canva’s pre-constrained post templates are heaven sent. Perhaps like us, you’ve spent ample time and effort designing a new graphic for your website, only to find that the dimensions are too big, too wide, or just not working. Reframing an image can be time consuming, not to mention frustrating. Select one of Canva’s templates that are already formatted to fit a wide variety of dimensions (Twitter headline, Facebook cover photo’s, Pinterest photo’s, etc). Save time, and prevent the hair-pulling that results in an afternoon spent working on an image you can’t use.

free ecommerce tools

2. Tutorials In Case You Get Lost

Which we almost guarantee, you won’t. Canva is intuitive to use – even the most non-technical people can get a fairly good grasp on navigating the tool just by playing around with it. In the unlikely event that you need some help or would like a few pointers, Canva provides a long list of thorough tutorials for you to browse and learn. Tutorials include starter tips, top 3 ways to master branding, best practices for layout design and more. Use them to gain knowledge, get inspired, and get on your way to creating graphics that you and your intended audience will love.

free ecommerce tools

3. THOUSANDS Of Free Customizable Inserts

Thousands may sound like a gross exaggeration, but I have yet to run out of new material to use thus far. Canva is very friendly to graphic design newbies, and has created a multitude of prepared text stamps, infographic images and stickers that are easy to edit and insert your own words into. You can change the font, text and background colors, lines, details and whatever else you may need to edit to suit your vision. It’s as simple as clicking the portion you’d like to customize, and navigating the tool bar that populates. Don’t bother hiring a designer to create a graphic for a promotion you’re running this Christmas. Use Canva to make one yourself. It’s easy, fast and free. Here’s an example:

Original (with stickers/text boxes that I selected)

free ecommerce tools

After Editing

free ecommerce tools

All I did was change the text and colors of the stickers I added, and included a background from the selection Canva has (you can also upload your own images if you prefer). Keep in mind, this is a very rudimentary example. I spent 5 minutes editing it. You can do much, much more with Canva if you wish. But if you’re a seller with little time and minimal patience for design, you can still create graphics with very little effort and in a very short amount of time.

Canva has been an great asset for our marketing team at ecomdash, and we hope it can help you too. If you need ideas on how to get started running promotions and preparing for the holiday season, read our blog on holiday prep here: Holiday and Cyber Monday Survival Kit.

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