Email marketing tips for ecommerce

Feedback – to ask for it, or not? If there’s one thing in the world of online retailing that draws a lot of controversy, it’s the notion of asking your customers to leave a response. Some equate it to “poking the sleeping bear” and soliciting something they don’t want to see – others (perhaps the brave ones) do it anyway. While we agree that there is such a thing as too much, where a request for feedback goes from polite to heckling, we know asking for feedback is a good way to increase the likelihood of receiving it. Some marketplaces (like Amazon) will generate an automated email requesting feedback and send it out on the seller’s behalf. However, a well written and sincere email thanking a customer for their business and politely directing them to a link to leave feedback is more personal, and can draw better results.

We really believe in email marketing as an effective tool for sellers to improve their feedback – it’s why we built email marketing into our tool as a free option for ecomdash customers. For sellers who aren’t ecomdash customers or in our free trial and are looking to try out requesting feedback, we suggest using Feedback Five’s free version of their email marketing tool. Feedback Five’s “Lite Plan” allows for 50 emails per month, which is great for small businesses with low order volume or those just wanting to test the email marketing waters. With Feedback Five’s Lite plan, sellers can

  • Automatically send feedback requests
  • Create custom emails with your logo
  • Have access to professionally-designed email templates
  • Insert “Feedback link” into all emails, to make leaving feedback easy for the buyer
  • Manually select orders you do not want to receive a feedback email
  • Include links for customers to submit a product review (great if you are the sole manufacturer of an item)
  • Supports, .ca,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr seller accounts

Though the free plan only supports up to 50 emails a month, it’s a great way for businesses to see if email marketing is something that could work for their business. Email marketing is a proven tool for sellers. With our email marketing tool, a customer increased his seller rating on Amazon from 96% to 100%. He attributes the improvement and subsequent increase in sales to our email marketing feature…which is a compliment we humbly accept. The ecommerce email marketing feature is free to any ecomdash subscriber, regardless of price plan.

If you aren’t an ecomdash customer, try out Feedback Five to see if email marketing is something you’d like to include in your business practices. If you are currently signed up with ecomdash or in our free trial, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to use our email marketing tool.

Have you had success with email marketing? Or are you still waiting to take the plunge? Let us know in the comments.

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