Running an online store successfully often takes a team of apps, software and even employees, in addition to all the hard work you’re contributing. Though there are some things that cost money (with good reason), we’re happy to find that many developers contribute apps to online marketplaces free of charge. Etsy, the artistic community known for vintage and handmade goods, offers an app store with a variety of free apps for sellers. Here are some of our favorites.


2014-09-22_1223Create and automate promotional posts for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with MySocialPig. Built on the feedback of thousands of Etsy sellers, this app was designed to give you an easy to manage screen of your social media content. All you have to do is join MySocialPig, connect your social media accounts, and your products will automatically populate on the schedule page. From there, you select which items you want to auto promote and where, and click schedule. MySocialPig takes care of the rest.


Sales Map

Sales Map has just one job – it tracks the locations of where your products end up. Once you authorize the app, Sales Map gets to work finding out the final destination of all your sold goods. None of your customer’s information is stored, but future and current customers can see just how far and wide your reach is. Besides the cool factor of being able to prove you are a worldwide seller, Sales Map will help you see where you’re already popular, and areas you haven’t been able to saturate yet. Use it as a tool to let you know where you may need to focus more or different marketing efforts.

Etsy Theme Shop, Free For Facebook And Mobile

So you’ve got your theme all set up and looking superb for customers browsing on their PCs and laptops…but what about mobile users? Mobile spending is well on the rise, with Goldman Sachs estimating mobile sales will reach $204 billion by the end of 2014. Make sure your Etsy store is prepped for mobile shoppers with clean, artfully designed themes. If you’re unsure, just check out the glowing reviews from Etsy Theme Shop’s users:


Are there any Etsy apps you absolutely swear by? Or is there something you’re still looking for? We love that so many of Etsy’s apps are free to sellers, and often made by other online retailers – definitely lives up to the notion of being an artistic community of innovators!

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