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Creating marketing materials is essential to promoting your store this holiday season. However, between managing sales orders, tracking shipping and keeping up with moving inventory you may have your hands full.

A simple way to communicate holiday promotions and deals to your audience is through your Facebook cover photo. Use this free cover photo editor to create images directly from a tool that displays true scale. You can change your store’s Facebook cover weekly or bi-weekly, depending on what suits your business, to keep fans up-to-date on promotions and sales you’re offering.

It’s easy for you to do, simple for them to find, and effective marketing for your business. Here’s how.


Step 1: Choose Facebook Template

FIRST, go to Canva and select the Facebook cover photo template from the top screen.

canva dashboard


Step 2: Find Background Image

THEN, find an image you’d like to use and upload it. Adjust it to fit the screen if need be.  Or, select a background.

choose background from media options


Step 3: Add a Text Box

NEXT, add a text box (or two).


select a text holder option


Step 4: Customize Fonts

Customize the text box to change the font, text, color and size. Type in your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly promotion. What do you want to communicate to buyers right now?

add extra flair


Step 5: Make it Unique With Icons & Stickers

ANYTHING ELSE you want to add? Choose from thousands of free stickers, stamps, icons and graphics.

customize with various shapes, icons, and more easily edit icons to fit the theme


Step 6: Download Image

FINALLY, download. It’s free!

once finished, click download


Step 7: Upload it to Facebook

Once it’s saved, you simply have to upload it to your Facebook cover photos. The finished image will look like this, without the designated space for your profile picture-

upload the new image to your facebook cover section

Voila – easy to make Facebook cover photo promos for the holidays, or any time.

Have you already created marketing materials to promote your ecommerce business ideas? Did you use something else? Let us know in the comments.

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