Pinterest. Vine. Instagram. If you’ve heard of at least one of these, then congratulations – you’re in an excellent position to engage your customers in a creative, innovative and fun new way.

As the rising influence of social media perpetuates all facets of our daily life (did you take pictures of every meal you had five years ago? Probably not), businesses have to stay on top of the trends to maintain (and initiate) communication with their customers and target market.

But if you’re not using these social platforms for personal use, then how would you know how to utilize them for branding? We’ll break down a couple of the most popular social apps with why they’re great, tips on how to apply them to your business, and a fun example of each (pictures of the Pad Thai I ate last night not included).

Today, let’s talk Pinterest.

  • Why We Love It– Pinterest is essentially a mood board for your company. Link pictures of products to your website, post photos of upcoming items, upload team bonding photos – whatever you need to brand your company.
  • Why It’s Great For Business– You can strengthen your brand, create excitement and awareness around your products, and foster relationships and engagement with your audience by enabling them some exclusivity.
  • How Do I Do That? – Just ask Neiman Marcus how it’s done. The fashion giant wanted to engage their Pinterest customers in a new way. Marketing experts at Curalate stepped in with an idea – create a deal exclusively for Neiman Marcus’ Pinterest followers. Neiman Marcus posted an exclusive pre-sale for a Rebecca Minkoff bag, with a link to their website that could only be accessed by clicking through Pinterest. It worked. Neiman Marcus’ pinning activity increased by 32%, they gained 3,000 new Pinterest followers, and successfully found a way to create greater incentive for customers to follow through with a purchase.

True, Neiman Marcus is a fashion giant, but we know small and mid-sized businesses can benefit from this. Make an account, try it out, test out what feels right for your brand. Just remember to listen first and understand the etiquette and vibe of each particular network. Social media platforms aren’t going anywhere- use them to your advantage. Grow your business, and cast a wider net for your target audience.

Want to know how to optimize your Pinterest photos for success? Check out what Practical Ecommerce has to say. Stop by next Friday for our next social platform breakdown.

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