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What is Product Bundling?

Kitting/Bundling (used interchangeably here) is putting individual but related products together, essentially creating a set for customers to buy at a discounted price. This takes away the stress customers sometimes face when hoping to order compatible parts and lets them easily receive all of their products at the same time.

Those of you who are familiar with product bundling may think, great! You already know how this works. If you aren’t familiar with creating kits, or haven’t thought of a marketable reason to yet, we’ve thought of some creative (and lucrative) ways to combine your products.


Creative Ideas for Ecommerce Bundles


Holiday Gift Sets

Create a kit for an upcoming holiday. Valentine’s day is a great time to create some gift sets that appeal to romantic couples. Maybe devote a whole section on your site to “Valentine’s Day Sales”, where you can list all of the festive products you’re trying to promote. Sellers can customize these gifts for each customer and combine items such as “his and her” necklaces and a box of chocolates into a kit that sells at a discounted price.

Subscription Box Kits

Create kits similar to the monthly subscription boxes that are currently popular. Curate items, possibly both from your typical inventory and new, trending products, and package them in one listing. Capitalize on the success of subscription boxes like Birch Box, Bespoke Post and Stitch Fix by offering shoppers packages without the looming responsibility of a monthly fee. Change them every month or every couple of months to keep shoppers engaged. Need ideas? Here are 6 creative subscription boxes to consider selling.

Client Giveaway Kits

Having contests with a giveaway price consisting of a personalized bundle is a great way to spark excitement about your brand. Social commerce is one of the best ways to create/reach a loyal client base and drive more traffic to your site. Do something good for your customers while promoting your brand and showing off your awesome kits!

Complementary Products

Make it easy for your customers to order products that go together. For example, let’s say your customer is buying a soccer ball for their child’s soccer practice! You might as well offer the ability to add cleats to their purchase at a discounted price. While you’re selling the cleats at a lower price, you’ve increased your total cart value and overall profits. You also improve the customer experience which means more repeat customers.


As part of ecomdash’s online inventory management system, you have the option of creating kits and bundles (with each product still being recognized individually in your inventory). For detailed How-To’s on creating kits in ecomdash, browse our support site.


Do you have any creative ideas for product bundling? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


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