bundlesAs part of ecomdash’s inventory management system, you have the option of creating kits and bundles (with each product still being recognized individually in your inventory). Those of you who are familiar with kitting and bundling may think, great! You already know how this works. If you aren’t familiar with creating kits, or haven’t thought of a marketable reason to yet, we’ve thought of some creative (and lucrative) ways to combine your products.

  • Create a kit for an upcoming holiday. Father’s Day is rounding the corner quickly. Though Father’s Day doesn’t typically fare as well as Mother’s Day in online sales, if you create a gift package for dads, you will create both a sense of urgency as well as ease, because everything they need is in one place. This year’s trends in Father’s Day gifts indicate tech gear for grilling and grooming, beer and wine enthusiast accessories, and sharply styled clothes. It will remind shoppers of the upcoming holiday, but also offer them an option that’s quick. Nothing in your stock that dad might want? There’s also Memorial Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s, just to name a few.
  • Create kits similar to the monthly subscription boxes that are currently popular. Curate items, possibly both from you typical inventory and new purchase order products, and package them in one listing. Capitalize on the success of subscription boxes like Birch Box, Bespoke Post and Stich Fix by offering shoppers packages without the looming responsibility of a monthly fee. Change them every month or every couple of months to keep shoppers engaged.

For detailed How-To’s on creating kits in ecomdash, browse our support site.

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