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EcomAdmin1Getting Started with Order Management

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  1. Katie McCaslin

    Is this something that we could integrate with our wholesalers inventory, as well as our own personal inventory? We do not sell on ebay or amazon, but on, and our own personal website.

  2. Drew

    Does this sync inventory across the integrated platforms, including with regards to FBA inventory?

    We presently sell exclusively on Amazon through FBA and need to track inventory from the time it is ordered from our suppliers or purchased at a retail/thrift store to receipt into our warehouse, through it being prepared and sent to Amazon’s warehouses, and then track it as it is being sold.

    We’d like to expand into other channels using FBA multi-channel shipping including ebay, sears, and our own site (to be developed), and have seen other services that claim to sync inventory as it is being sold – but none based on FBA inventory.

    Trying to determine if your solution is right for us.

    1. Tiana Byers

      Hi Drew,

      Thanks for your question. Today, our FBA add-on is for order routing only – we do not yet track the FBA inventory. Our inventory sync and end-to-end automation services are available for all of our integrated sales channels. Our FBA add-on will include inventory sync in the near future.

      I have passed your inquiry along to a product specialist, who will be in touch shortly to answer any follow up questions you may have.

      Thanks Drew,

  3. Scott


    Can we create a product listing within your system and have that product be listed on all of your marketplaces you currently support?

    1. Tiana Byers

      Hey Scott,

      Yes, you can create product listings within our system for your sales channels. I am forwarding your inquiry to our support team, who can answer any further questions you may have and provide you with more details.


    1. Tiana Byers

      Hey David,

      Great question, thanks for reaching out with it. We plan to support Amazon UK in early 2016. We do not currently have an integration with eBay UK planned, but we take customer and market feedback into consideration, and make space in our development road map for new functions we think would be of value to customers.

      Would you like to be added to our Innovation Bulletin distribution list? Every 45-60 days, we send out updates with new functionality and features of ecomdash. The integrations you are looking for would definitely be included in our Innovation Bulletin as they become available.

      Thanks for getting in touch, David!


  4. Stephen

    I would also be very interested in this for Amazon UK and eBay UK. I was just about to sign up for this service then found the above comment. It looks like the perfect solution I was looking for.


    1. Tiana Byers

      Hey Stephen,

      Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about your interest in Amazon UK and eBay UK. We are planning on supporting Amazon UK in early 2015, but have no immediate plans to integrate with eBay UK. I will pass your request along to our team. We do take customer and market requests into consideration, as we want to be the best possible solution for our customers. I invite you to sign up for our Innovation Bulletin. It’s a newsletter we send out every 45-60 days announcing updates to our software. Any new integrations with .UK sites would be included in the newsletter. I can add your name to the distribution, if you like.

      Sorry we can’t meet all your needs at this time. We appreciate you checking us out and asking questions!

      Thanks Stephen,


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