growth hacks for ecommerce businesses

We understand that our readers are all at different stages of growing an ecommerce business. Some are just getting off the ground; others have been running a successful operation for many years. No matter where you are in your business, there’s always room to improve. While there are many external factors that can affect a business’s growth, such as the state of the economy, shortage in resources or new competition, there are also many things you can do internally to improve sales and customer experience. Here are 4 simple growth hacks you can start today that will help your business soar at any stage.


1. Create a one-of-a-kind experience

The world-wide web is no small place and in order to be successful, you need to really differentiate yourself from the millions of other ecommerce businesses out there. Providing a unique experience for each of your customers will keep them interested in your company, which in turn will increase your foot traffic and your overall sales.


2. Have a strong omni-channel presence

“Omni-channel” seems to be the most popular buzzword in the ecommerce industry. For those who are unfamiliar with what an omni channel presence is, it’s when a business provides a seamless experience through various outlets (i.e. different websites) and different electronic devices. Studies have shown that companies with strong omni-channel skills retain on average 89% of customers compared to a 33% retention rate for businesses with a weak omni-channel presence. In order to have a seamless omni-channel experience, you need to ensure that your business is mobile and tablet friendly, establish a consistent brand voice across your website and all social channels, and utilize inventory and order management programs that can keep track of all product changes across sales channels.


3. Form an alliance

Growing a business can be difficult to achieve on your own. So if you are comfortable with the idea, aligning yourself with a similar company can be a fast way to attain large margins of growth over a short period of time. With an alliance you will instantly gain more resources, access to customers and knowledgeable experience. You may even receive some assistance in areas of your business such as co-marketing and free PR. Here are some tips on how to form a successful business partnership.


4. Focus on content marketing

As we have mentioned in previous, blogs, content marketing goes beyond just selling your business to customers. It creates a relationship with them by providing interesting and informative content. This can come in the form of informational visuals or videos, blog posts, sharing articles related to your business and staying active on social media. Try to share at least 9 new Tweets and 2 new Facebook posts a week, and maintain a healthy blog by sharing new content a couple of times a month.

Growing can be difficult for a business but hopefully these tips and tricks help make that journey easier for you. Once you’ve accomplished all of these, check out our tips on how to get strangers to growth hack for you!

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