Halloween Products

It may not seem like one to be concerned about, but the truth is, Halloween can be a real money-maker for ecommerce retailers. Luckily, we’ve come up with 7 product ideas to help you make the most of Halloween for your business.

Just take a look at some of the statistics from Halloween 2017:

Halloween is a great holiday for consumers to shop because it isn’t as expensive as other holidays. It’s also a great holiday for ecommerce retailers, especially those who already sell Halloween-related products like candy or costumes. For those who don’t sell Halloween items, don’t worry!


Halloween Products to Sell Online

There are lots of products you can offer during the month or so before Halloween, even if you don’t typically sell them.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to sell these items year-round, they can easily be sourced for just a short time before the holiday. Consider the following:


1. Costumes

Any online retailer that sells clothing or fashion accessories can offer costumes or Halloween-related accessories for the month prior to Halloween. You may even already sell products that will work as parts of homemade costumes – it only takes a little bit of creative marketing to sell a little black dress as part of an Audrey Hepburn costume.


2. Decorations

Stores that sell home goods, art, or any type of home décor can simply add Halloween-themed items, and market them on various landing pages.


3. Halloween-themed DVDs, Games, or Toys

Does your online store sell movies or movie memorabilia? If so, try emphasizing scary movies, slasher films, etc. to increase your sales. Additionally, if you sell television or movie posters, action figures, games, or toys, ramp up your inventory of those that may be considered Halloween-related.


4. Halloween-themed jewelry

Online shops focused on jewelry should consider sourcing Halloween-themed pieces to sell during October. There are many dropshipping options for ecommerce jewelry retailers, making it an option that doesn’t require a huge investment in resources or inventory.


5. Candy

If your online store specializes in anything food-related, adding Halloween candy to your inventory for the month of Halloween is a no-brainer. Candy is a high-commodity during Halloween. In fact, Amazon’s candy sales in September and October of 2017 almost reached $20 million.


6. Makeup

Ecommerce stores offering skin care, cosmetics, or other products to enhance customers’ physical appearance, can capitalize on Halloween by highlighting products for costumes. Think about items like eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, etc. that can be used to create the desired effect of certain Halloween costumes. Additionally, products like false eyelashes, wigs, and specialty makeup are great to source specifically for the holiday.


7. Party supplies

Some Halloween celebrators plan to buy dishware, serving bowls, cups or glasses, and flatware to make their parties more festive. If you’re already selling party supplies, Halloween-themed party supplies are easy additions to your product line.


Final Thoughts about Halloween Products

Even if spooky items and pumpkin décor are not in your everyday inventory, you can still have a profitable Halloween.

Think carefully about products that you already sell that can be marketed as Halloween-themed. If you don’t have anything, consider sourcing new Halloween products solely for the latter part of September and the entire month of October. There are endless possibilities with online suppliers and dropshipping companies.

Need help marketing your products? Check out our post for 3 Halloween ecommerce marketing tips to boost your sales this season.


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