Happy Holidays!

We’ve finally arrived at the day all of your increased holiday sales orders, busy site traffic and seasonal promotions have been leading up to – Christmas. We hope you can spend time this week with family celebrating the holidays, and we’d like to thank you for inspiring us to work hard with and for you. Our customers are what drive us!

If you celebrate Christmas or any other seasonal holiday, what was the best gift you’ve ever received? We asked our team what their all time favorite holiday gift was – here are the answers.

“I received a new acoustic guitar one year. It was after I had been playing for a few years on an older guitar so I was able to test a wide variety of sounds through my new instrument.” – Drew

“The food and family time. That’s the greatest gift every Christmas, having your family around you and a good meal to go with it.”  – Tristan

“In 1977 there was a blizzard for the ages in Cleveland, OH. I got my very own sled for Christmas that year (the red metal rails and wooden kind). It wasn’t wrapped, had a big red bow on it.” – Laura

“I received a red steel snow sled when I was a kid and that was probably my most favorite gift.  I believe we were out of school due to the snow for the next 6 weeks after that particular Christmas so I definitely logged some trips up and down the hills around the house.  During that time out of school, I was on an inner-tube (instead of the sled) going off the hills and slammed right into a parked car after my jacket got caught on the valve stem and I couldn’t get off.  My lip required stitches from the accident, but that didn’t stop me from taking the sled down the hill the next day.” – Darrin

“My favorite gift was a snow skiing trip with my family to Alpine Valley Wisconsin. It seemed like a great adventure as a 10 year old kid, with all my brothers and sisters. We had a great time skiing and hanging out in the hotel.” – John

“My parents got my brother and I a used pin ball machine one year for Christmas, and we later found out (which my parents had no idea) that it was the first talking pin ball machine ever made.  The guy who sold it to my Dad had no idea either and it winded up being worth a lot of money.  My Dad still has it at his house.  It’s name is Gorgar.”  – Nick

“I think this just about sums it up.” –Tiana


What was the best gift you’ve ever received? Feel free to let us know in the comments! We wish you a happy holidays filled with family, laughter, and great happiness!

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