Expectations For Holiday Sales In 2014. Myths – Debunked!

There are just about 4 weeks left until the biggest (and most profitable) season for retailers. If you are an experienced seller, you already know that the upcoming holiday season means increased website traffic and a higher volume of buyers. But have you bought into the following Cyber Monday and Black Friday myths? Find out which ones got debunked!

Did any of these holiday sales facts from 2013 surprise you? Are you expecting similar stats for 2014? What do you think will be different, increase or decrease?

Search our blog to find more Holiday Preparation articles to get you setup for success. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We wish you a happy (and profitable) holiday season!

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Tiana Byers

Tiana is a content marketer and writer. Her favorite author is Oscar Wilde and she is a self proclaimed Etsy addict.

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Tiana ByersExpectations For Holiday Sales In 2014. Myths – Debunked!

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