A difficult challenge facing ecommerce business owners is how to prevent overselling products that are listed across a number of marketplaces. For example, let’s say I sell umbrellas on eBay, Amazon and BigCommerce. I sold over twenty this past weekend across all channels and only have three left. I haven’t had the time to update the stock on each of those sales channels yet. Today, I sell two umbrellas on each of those sales channels. Since I only have 3 in stock and sold 6, I’ve oversold. I will probably receive negative feedback on at least one of those channels.

Since the sales channels do not communication with each other, there isn’t a way for the inventory to stay accurate without a manual change by me. Overselling is a big risk to your reputation as a seller, especially those that track cancelled orders as a negative mark. Amazon even suspends sellers for overselling! Juggling inventory across different channels creates an inventory management nightmare.

Challenges like this can be prevented with automation software. Applications like ecomdash act as a dashboard or hub that links your marketplaces to your inventory and prevents overselling a product. Ecomdash automatically imports your sales orders and reduces your quantity within our system for any products sold. Within seconds of that import, we will update all of your sales channels of the new available quantity.

So for example, let’s say you are selling the same golf clubs on eBay and Amazon and have 5 available. Someone buys a golf club from eBay. Ecomdash automatically imports your sales orders and pulls the eBay order information for the golf club. We will reduce the quantity in ecomdash to four. Within seconds, we will update Amazon and eBay to reflect your new available quantity to 4 and reduce your risk of overselling.

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