Everyone knows that time is money. And while you’re spending time doing the annoying little things for your ecommerce business such as multiple logins and gathering inventory lists, you’re losing valuable time. Ecomdash solves this problem by putting all of your online marketplaces in one location, what used to take hours can now be done in seconds.

If you are selling your products across multiple marketplaces online then you know the difficulty of logging into each individual account and managing your business piecemeal. Each marketplace has different log-in information, a different format for organizing sales figures, and different ways updating inventory. Once you’ve completed the hassle of logging in you still have to manually gather the sales orders, manually generate the picklist, and then manually update inventory based on other sales channel activity. This process is then repeated for each individual marketplace you have. Ecomdash ends this frustration by putting all of your marketplaces on one solution, using one log-in, and one display format.

Ecomdash allows you to put your eBay marketplace information right next to your Amazon marketplace information.  You are able to gather sales orders from all your storefronts by clicking only one button. It also takes only one button to generate a master picklist to consolidate your products for your sales orders regardless of storefront.  This saves you the time of going to each individual marketplace, working your sales orders marketplace by marketplace.

Without having to leave ecomdash to access another program, you are able to print out the packing slip that goes in each package and the shipping labels for your shipments. Without a solution like ecomdash, once your shipments have gone out you have to start the process all over again. You have to manually log into each individual marketplace to update the inventory for every product you sold, even if you didn’t sell it from that particular marketplace.  With ecomdash, once an order has been processed, ecomdash updates the inventory across all your marketplaces simultaneously, thus ending the tedious task of constantly re-logging into your marketplaces.

Most ecommerce business will sell its products across multiple online marketplaces, but maintaining three or four different marketplaces can be a lot of work, and can take a lot of unnecessary time.  Ecomdash takes what normally takes hours and reduces it to a matter of minutes by allowing you to maintain multiple marketplaces in one location, allowing you to dedicate more time to what really matters: growing your business.

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