Managing a physical store location and an online storefront at the same time can be a confusing process, especially when it comes to keeping track of inventory.  It’s convenient for a customer to have the option of buying your product online and in person, but when in-store purchases and online purchases are happening simultaneously it runs the risk of over committing your stock.  Ecomdash has created a solution to this problem by allowing you to integrate your in-store purchases right along with your online purchases.

Once you have created your physical storefront and defined the sales order import format in ecomdash, you can upload your data from your POS system at any time and it is immediately added to the sales order and updates to your inventory are completed as part of the process.  By merging your online and physical storefront’s orders you are able to lessen the risk of overcommitting your online inventory of a product because your physical storefront sold out of it.

Selling your products on multiple marketplaces is why ecomdash was created, and while combining your online marketplaces remains its key focus, it doesn’t mean that online marketplaces is the only focus.  By allowing for the integration of your physical store’s sales orders into the system, ecomdash allows you to manage all your marketplaces and inventory all from one dashboard.

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