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With a user base of over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram has become a force to be reckoned with in the social media realm.

Nowadays, many Instagram users keep track of their friends and interests through Instagram stories – temporary posts that stay up for 24 hours. One of the newest additions to these stories are Insta Stickers– graphic add-ons that can be anything from labels and polls to interactive questionnaires or hyperlinks to product listings.

If you choose to use this social media platform to promote and sell your products, Insta Stickers can be one of your best friends. Here are some tips and strategies on using Instagram stickers to increase your online sales.


Cashing in on Instagram Stories

Around 400 million Instagram users are actively clicking through stories every day. By including “shopping stickers” as links within stories, Instagram has made it possible for users to shop directly from Instagram story posts, making stories a great new sales channel for online retailers.

Popular ecommerce sales platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify have already launched integrations connecting ecommerce sites to Instagram.

To fully capitalize on these stories, use the multiple slide feature. Instagram allows you to include multiple slides in one post, and the same goes for stories. Use this feature to showcase multiple products at the same time in quick succession.  If you have multiple stories in one day, stickers can help you make each slide slightly different, creating a varied presentation that matches the diversity of your product listings.

The goal is to make the user want to click through your whole story, so change the angles and colors of your stickers and hashtags while including emojis and text in a way that engages viewers.


Paid Partnerships with Social Media Influencers

Another way to boost sales on Instagram is through partnerships with social media influencers. Also called digital influencers, these are famous or popular online personalities with lots of followers – typically more than 30k – and exert some form of sway based on respect or admiration.

Influence within an ecommerce niche market can be profitable for these online personalities by marketing specific products. The influencer basically attaches their image to a product, making it more likely for their followers to buy it. Product promotion is usually done through pictures, story links, or videos that include the products being advertised with information on how to buy them. Influencers are known to add stickers to show enthusiasm for products while increasing follower engagement through ads, so make sure to remind them to try the stickers!

Improving your sales and exposure through in influencer marketing can really pay off. Get started by offering special discount codes to influencers in your niche. These codes help you keep track of the commission from each sale that’s made through their channel, and their followers who choose to buy your products get a nice discount. A win-win situation for everyone!

Costs (and sales) will vary depending on how many followers your Instagram partner has, so be sure to have a strategy that makes the partnership worthwhile for both parties.


Increase Your Sales with the Explore Tab

Another great option for retailers is an Instagram shopping channel exclusively dedicated to online buyers and sellers called Instagram Explore tab. It launched last year and has been a worldwide success.

The idea of the Explore tab is to make it easy for users to find the products they want at the right price. The Explorer tab appears differently for every user, with an algorithm based around the posts they or their friends have liked and commented on.

If you make a sale or attract new followers to your instagram page, you’re also increasing the likelihood that other people within your followers’ social network will see your product listings. Including location and hashtags in your posts and stories also helps increase your brand’s exposure by showing up in profiles of popular places and trending topics.


Conclusion: Cater to Niches

Do some digging to make sure you understand your target audience in terms of the content they like and the pages they follow and cater your own content and listings to their interests. This will increase engagement on your Instagram posts and hopefully boost sales!

Have you used Insta Stickers? How’d it go? Let us know in the comments.


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