Technology Is Improving Ecommerce

Technology is the driving force behind ecommerce and as new tech is discovered, ecommerce has the ability to change and ultimately improve. As exciting new technology is created, businesses can take advantage of it to further personalize their company and online presence.

With artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and individual proprietary technology, the ecommerce experience is improving every day. Check out the latest happenings in these three areas and how it is improving ecommerce.


Artificial Intelligence

Lately, in ecommerce, many companies have utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their customer experience, shipping times, and delivery processes. Some companies have used AI in interesting ways – Amazon is testing out a robot delivery service in the suburbs of Seattle. While that may seem far-fetched for the smaller retailer, there are a few common AI integrations we’ve seen in ecommerce – like customer service robots and recommendation engines.


Customer Service Bots

Customer service bots pop up on almost every website and even in Facebook Messenger. Your customers can leave a comment or complaint, find a product, start a return process, or even book an appointment online, all without any assistance from a human.


Recommendation Engines

You may not have known that recommendation engines are a product of AI as well. You can use an AI-generated algorithm to track searches and purchases to recommend other similar or useful products for your potential customers. This can help drive more sales while being helpful for your consumers as well.

We’ll likely see many more ecommerce brands embrace AI and use it in more exciting ways as it becomes more mainstream.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) adds a virtual object into your existing surroundings via the camera on your phone or computer. Recently, we discussed ways ecommerce brands can utilize augmented reality including the try before you buy options.

Shopping online can be a hassle for people who still prefer to try items on before buying. For clothing retailers and buyers, it can be a real headache to go through the process of trying on multiple items and having to ship the ones that don’t fit back. AR really helps alleviate both the retailer and the consumer by allowing customers to visualize the product in a new way.

AR is going far beyond clothing – even brands like Warby Parker are utilizing AR. They have a Virtual Try-On tool within their mobile app that allows consumers to try on eyeglasses before buying. Buying prescription eyeglasses online can be risky, so it’s awesome to see ecommerce brands taking advantage of new technology to ensure their customers enjoy a great shopping experience. Another unexpected brand utilizing AR is Sephora; they’re allowing their customers to try on makeup virtually before committing to make a purchase online.


Payment Services

This may be the most booming change in ecommerce in recent years, and since technology changes slowly over time, many people haven’t paid much attention. New payment services allow for a faster and more secure customer experience. Changes to how we pay for products online has changed drastically in the past few years, think of Apple and Google pay, Bitcoin, and Venmo.

Cards are already becoming a thing of the past with mobile wallets and wearable payments via smartwatches. Retailers even have loyalty programs in which you can load money into a mobile account and pay with your phone. Paying via mobile is one of the safest ways to pay online and this security allows people to feel more comfortable making purchases with ecommerce companies. There is constantly new technology being developed allowing for simpler and safer ways to pay online, so we can expect ecommerce to continue to boom.


The Best Is Yet To Come

We are lucky to live in an age in which technology is growing at such a rapid rate! Technology like AI, AR, and new tech created by thousands of companies all over the world – ecommerce can take advantage of these new inventions. Technology improves the online experience for consumers while also allowing businesses to run more efficiently.


Let us know in the comments below of any exciting new technology in ecommerce you’ve learned about or used recently!



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