how to create kits that increase sales

Retailers are anxious to sell more products and beat competitors for a sale, so they create kits and bundles with hot items, best sellers and new arrivals. Small businesses can (and should) definitely take a page out of the big box retail book and create competitive kits as well.

One industry that masters the art of the kit is the beauty industry, with retailers like Sephora and Ulta really nailing it. In a previous post, we detailed how they put together and advertised kits, and how you could successfully copy their skills.

Here is our guide on how to kit in order to drive sales, featuring previous years’ heavy-weight kitting champs once again.


Call It Out

Don’t leave it in the hands of your customers to find these deals. Make it real simple for them – create a webpage that hosts all your kits, and provide a link from the homepage that directs them right to it.

Sephora makes sure buyers know exactly where to find kits and bundles by linking shoppers to a curated page, right from homepage sidebar navigation.

call out new kits on your website

Create Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency, or letting buyers know these kits are available for a limited time only, can help drive better conversions.

A study conducted by Marketing Experiments found that in one case, a limited time $100 savings incentive increased conversions on one item by 992%. Another similar report found that addressing the remaining quantity of a product increased conversion rates by 500%.

Letting shoppers know that kits and bundles are only available for a short time will encourage them to follow through with purchase, and fast.

create urgency with limited time offers for bundles

Share Actual Value

We’ve all seen our fair share of infomercials with hyperbolic, over dramatized enactments of why that product is vital. We’ve also all heard the lines, “wait, there’s more!” and, “you get all this, for this tiny amount of money!”

You know what I’m getting at. Infomercials are corny, but that kind of dialogue lets the audience know how much they are spending, vs. the value of their purchase, works. Do the same for your kits. When you create the listing for your kits and bundles, plan on including the actual value of all combined items on the product page.

Seeing how much money they can save by purchasing a kit rather than getting each product individually will help drive purchases and give you a leg up on competitors.

show the true value of the bundle

Throw In a Freebie

It won’t really be a freebie – you will have to calculate what items you can give away “for free,” and if the increase in potential sales is worth the cost.

Retailers often do freebies with purchase or BOGOs (buy one get one free) to drive sales. If you have a bulk supply of a low-cost item, consider adding it to a kit as a free gift with purchase.

try throwing in a freebie or sample

Do It All

On your product pages, include it all – let buyers know the kit is time sensitive and what the actual value of all combined items is. For bonus points (and better sales), include product reviews and ratings. This will help create a sense of trust and further encourage purchase. Go wild. Include all the good stuff.

try including all items on product pages


Need a software that helps you create kits and accurately track them as items are sold? We’ve got you covered. You can create an unlimited number of kits with our ecommerce inventory management software.

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