How to guarantee easy and hassle-free shipping

Once you have a package ready for shipment, you’ve done most of the hard work – you updated inventory to reflect the purchase, you created pick lists, packing slips and labels (or an ecommerce shipping software did this for you), and now you’re ready for the item to go on its merry way.

Sometimes though, the process is a little less ‘merry’ and a bit crummier. Packages can get lost and damaged en route, or buyers can have high expectations of delivery time-frames that aren’t met. All the while, the package has been out of your hands, and thereby out of your control. Even though you aren’t the one who accidentally drops a package from a delivery truck and damages it, marketplaces will still hold you liable. It may not feel fair – but that’s the business of selling online. You have to take the bad with the (much bigger) good. Fortunately, there are a couple of actions you can take to hedge your bets and prevent any painful and unnecessary outcomes that can damage your seller rating, sales and reputation.

For starters, make sure your buyer is very clear on the difference between shipping and delivery. Some shoppers may see that an item “ships in 1-2 days” and think that means it will be on their doorstep within 48 hours (that is, without paying for overnight or expedited shipping). Here’s how to prevent this.


On Your Website

  • Have a landing page dedicated to shipping timetables. This will help buyers determine which postage will work best for them (standard vs. express, etc.), and is an excellent place to explain the shipping vs. delivery difference.
  • Write it out in plain English that they must anticipate the package in their possession after shipping + delivery. You may feel like you’re ‘dumbing it down’ or stating the obvious, but it’s not uncommon for buyers to confuse these two. Shipping issues are the most common reasons a buyer leaves feedback, so make sure it’s not a negative response out of a misunderstanding.


On Your Marketplace

  • Wherever you can edit information about your seller profile, make sure you include shipping and delivery specifics. Again, don’t worry about being redundant. Better safe than sorry with bad feedback.
  • If your sales channel allows, send this information along with each buyer’s order confirmation email. I recently ordered a book from, and was sent the following bullet points along with my tracking number:

Best Ecommerce Shipping Tips

The difference between when my purchase left their warehouse vs. landed on my doorstep was laid out clearly for me, and gave me an accurate set of expectations regarding my order. Hard to be disappointed in delivery time if I am presented with honest and accurate information.

If you really want an easy shipping system, then consider going straight to the source. Yes, go talk to your local postal workers. Though it may feel kind of funny setting up time to get to know your post master, it’s smart, and can only positively impact your business. These are the people who will be sorting, scanning and delivering your goods – you want them on your side.

One Amazon seller suggested in a forum that their peers set up an appointment with their local post master, like they did. They brought their laptop to explain Amazon metrics (and why fast shipping was so vital to a successful online business), and tax returns to show how much money would be spent at that post office. The result? Because of the relationship the seller formed, the post master assigned a USPS business rep to help that seller, and has all of their packages picked up early every day and taken directly to the distribution center, instead of riding around all day in the back of the truck. So, while you may not have considered establishing a good relationship with your post office, it can definitely pay off.

Best Shipping Tips For Ecommerce

If your buyers are educated and aware of true shipping expectations and you have your local post office working to help get your packages out as fast as they can, you can rock the shipping process. The happier your buyers are with shipping, the more likely you’ll receive positive endorsements, which leads to more sales and better business. Happy shipping!

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