get more Amazon feedback

3 Steps To Get More Amazon Feedback

Feedback on Amazon is a hot topic. You’re either trying to get rid of the bad, or get more of the good. It’s rare to find a seller that’s not aiming for either end of the spectrum. In our free eBook Better eRetail, we detail how to deal with negative ratings and encourage positive feedback. See below for a condensed version of our suggestions for boosting your Amazon seller rating. Have you tried these tips?

1. Take advantage of the packing slip.
get more Amazon feedback

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The packing slip is an excellent tool for communicating with your buyer. You must still abide by Amazon’s policy – meaning no language that directs buyers away from the marketplace (and to your website) and no incentive offered for positive feedback. Write a brief sentence thanking them for their purchase. You may also let them know that they are welcome to contact you, should any concerns arise. If you only receive a few orders a day, consider handwriting the brief sentence on your packing slips. Otherwise, use a tool that allows you to customize your packing slips.

2. Fill out your store profile completely.

Let buyers know who you are as a business. This will create a no-barriers understanding between you and customers. Let them know where you are located, what you value as a company, how you strive to achieve excellent customer service, and that they are welcome to contact you with questions. The better customers feel they understand you as a business, the more inclined they’ll feel to support you. A 10 year study found that businesses that form an emotional connection with buyers can effectively charge 20-200% more than competitors. If you can establish such a bond, you’re chances of positive feedback can increase.

3. Try email marketing.

The thought of sending emails to buyers makes some sellers nervous. We get that. Send too many emails and you become a nuisance – and a buyer may even leave negative feedback as retribution for the onslaught of emails. Here’s how to properly conduct email marketing.

  • Create templates ahead of time that are professional, caring and brief.
  • Thank them for their purchase, and let them know if there is an issue to please contact you so that you can fix it immediately (similar to the sentence we suggested for the packing slips).
  • Give them a direct link to leave feedback – make it as easy as possible.
  • Only send one. Amazon already sends emails about the order on your behalf, so you don’t want to inundate your buyer with messages to their inbox.

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Tiana Byers3 Steps To Get More Amazon Feedback

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