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Feedback on Amazon is a hot topic. You’re either trying to get rid of the bad, or get more of the good. It’s rare to find a seller that’s not aiming for either end of the spectrum. Learning how to manage and squash negative reviews that mar your seller rating is just one part of a creating a flourishing selling environment for your products. Another part of that equation, is getting more positive feedback and reviews.

It’s frustrating as a seller when you do everything with exceptional care – customer service, shipping, communication – only to be met with silence when it comes time for leaving feedback. Here are our tips to help you subtly and respectfully request customer feedback on Amazon. First though, a quick reminder to help them notice what a standout seller you are.


Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

There are three main components to this.


1. Make sure you set clear expectations.

That means

  • Shipping v Delivery (when an item leaves your hands v when an item arrives at their doorstep).
  • Product Description.
  • Pictures.
  • Any store policies you may have.


2. Be very transparent.

Fill out your profile completely. This will create a no-barriers understanding between you and the customer, and will help foster a sense of trust. A 10-year study found that businesses that form an emotional connection with buyers can effectively charge 20-200% more than competitors. If you can establish such a bond, your chances of positive feedback can increase. For example:

  • Welcome to Jill’s Jewels. We source the highest quality gems available, and hand select the ones we feel meet our exceptional quality standards to be shipped to our customers. We operate out of Miami, FL. We strive to provide exceptional customer service. If you have any questions regarding your order or an item you see in store, please feel free to contact us!

The more you disclose about yourself, the better. The customer then sees you as a real human being behind the operation – which will make it more difficult to leave negative feedback later. Amazon is known more of a get-in and get-out marketplace where big corporations also sell their wares. Make sure the buyer knows you’re just another guy or gal trying to make a living and provide a quality product.

Here’s an Amazon seller who we think has done a nice job on their profile:


positive feedback on Amazon

3. Get creative with your profile name.

A clever store name will help customers weed through the search results to see your page. If you pick a store name that embodies your niche and is funny and memorable, you will pique their interest. If there are two merchants who sell frozen yogurt that you can order online (I’m dreaming here, people), and one of them is named “Frozen Yogurt Online” while the other is “Froyo To Go-Go” – guess who I’m buying from.


Communicate Quickly

Respond to all customer communication ASAP (we recommend within 2 hours), lets them know that you hear them, and you care.

Often, just knowing a seller is listening and is willing and able to help can turn a potential complaint into a glowing review. It’s up to you to do the extra customer service steps that can turn negative Feedback into positive Feedback.

People want to know they matter. It’s no different for an online buying experience. We might even argue it’s critically more important since you don’t have the in-person advantage of a brick-n-mortar presence.

And now, for the fun part…


How To Ask For Positive Feedback

There are two ways to go about this that abide by Amazon’s policies, and won’t bombard your customer.


Packing Slips

Packing slips are a very easy (and subtle) way to communicate to your buyer. You must still abide by Amazon’s policy – meaning no language that directs buyers away from the marketplace (and to your website) and no incentive offered for positive feedback.

If you edit the slip details to include a customer service line, it will remind your customer that above all, you strive to provide a quality product to either meet or exceed their expectations…and, there’s an option to leave feedback.

Write a brief sentence thanking them for their purchase. You may also let them know that they are welcome to contact you, should any concerns arise. If you only receive a few orders a day, consider handwriting the brief sentence on your packing slips. Otherwise, use a shipping tool that allows you to customize your packing slips.

We suggest something like this:

Thank you for your purchase. We strive to provide exceptional products and service for our customers. If for any reason you don’t feel that any part of this process was worthy of a 5 star review, please contact us immediately so that we may correct the situation for you.


Email Marketing

This suggestion makes some sellers nervous, and we understand that. If you send too many emails to your customer asking them for positive feedback (which some of them regard as “doing you a favor”) you can, as one seller put it, “poke the sleeping bear.” They become irate, and leave negative feedback out of spite. Yet, if you send nothing out to request feedback, your metrics can suffer.

We suggest creating email marketing templates ahead of time that are professional and caring, much like the packing slip details above.

Here’s how to properly conduct email marketing.

  • Create templates ahead of time that are professional, caring and brief.
  • Thank them for their purchase, and let them know if there is an issue to please contact you so that you can fix it immediately (similar to the sentence we suggested for the packing slips).
  • Give them a direct link to leave feedback – make it as easy as possible.
  • Only send one. Amazon already sends emails about the order on your behalf, so you don’t want to inundate your buyer with messages to their inbox.


We hope these tips have helped you get a firmer grasp on the ins-and-outs of feedback on Amazon. We wish you high seller ratings, great success, and lots of happy customers who will buy from you again and again.


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