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We’ve written articles on the best social media tools for engaging with customers, and how to use them. It’s proven that smart social marketing can drive sales and increase conversions, not to mention build a loyal audience base. Practical Ecommerce recently unveiled their 2014 holiday predictions for ecommerce sellers, with an emphasis on video marketing making the list. Since Vine is an easy, quick and free way to market your business with video, we thought now would be a good time to revisit some best practices and new tips for using this fun social app. With over 100 million people watching vines each month, it has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool. Use this infographic to determine if you’re likely to find your demographic on the app:

history of vine infographic

Now, follow this post and use these additional examples to make similar content to share, and get on the video-train before your competition does.

Since the holiday shopping season is nearly upon us, now is a perfect time to do a merchandise preview. Take quick, millisecond clips of new items you plan to add to your web store(s). This is a great way to display a preview of your fresh merchandise and build excitement around what’s to come.


Have an item that requires some assembly or instructions on how to use it? Film a brief product demo and show your customers how it’s used. The six-second time constraint of Vine will make the demo, whether its an assembly or otherwise, seem fast and easy.  


Do you have multipurpose products? Do they do anything helpful, smart or cool? Create a life-hack video showing buyers how to use an item to accomplish a task. Lowes is a master at demonstrating multiple uses for their items, making them seem as an invaluable tool. Think of all the ways your products can be used, and if there is anything interesting or helpful you could share with online shoppers.

Can you think of anything else you’d like to share in a video? Let us know how you use video to help you sell. Start thinking of smart new ways to use the medium now so that when the holidays arrive, you’ll be several steps ahead of the other guys.

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