increase instagram presenceSocial media apps like Facebook and Instagram are great for online sellers to promote their businesses and interact with customers. One of the most popular social media apps, Instagram, is used by businesses to drive traffic and highlight products being sold. Improving your Instagram presence is a great way to increase exposure and boost sales.

Here are a few tips to help you do that:


Streamline Your Page

Your page’s content should be organized so your audience doesn’t have any trouble navigating.

Pick an Aesthetic: Instagram is a photo-sharing site, so it relies on visuals more than other applications like Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, establishing a theme or aesthetic is important for increasing traffic, it’s also a nice way to tie different posts together.


Use Instagram’s Features to Your Advantage

Instagram has a number of different features, including stickers, hashtags, and boomerangs, that can help to make your content more entertaining and interactive.

Use Stickers: Instagram stickers are a relatively new feature. Stickers allow you to add fun graphics to your Instagram stories and catch the attention of thousands of users. Instagram has also taken it a step further with shopping stickers, which make it possible for users to shop directly from Instagram stories.

Try Instagram Video: While Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app, users are also encouraged to post videos. Posting videos is another way to engage with your audience, and it’s as effective, if not more effective than an image. Though photos on Instagram tend to get more likes, videos get more comments, and you need both.

Boomerang clips can spice up your Instagram profile, too. They make videos loop back and forth, creating a fun and sometimes funny final product.

Use Hashtags Correctly: One of the biggest features of Instagram is the hashtag. Your goal should be to put in enough hashtags that your post shows up to people searching relevant tags to your business. Be careful though, too many hashtags can look cluttered and out of place, as well as drawing in customers who may not be as interested in your products. Experiment with reaching new target audiences by using different hashtags. You can find hashtags that are related to your store or products using an Instagram search.


Interact with Your Audience

Audience interaction and participation is a great way to boost your presence on Instagram and ensure your page is being seen by your ideal audience. When you engage with your followers, they’re more likely to click through to your website and make a purchase.

Use Instagram Polls: Instagram stickers have interactive options including polls and questionnaires that are perfect for customer feedback. In seconds, you can create a survey that matches your Instagram aesthetic and share it with your audience. Ask questions that’ll help you improve aspects of your business or give your brand some life with fun and engaging polls.

Respond to Comments: One great way to keep your customers happy is to make sure they feel their voice is being heard. Whenever you have the chance (even if it means setting aside some time during your week), respond to the comments people leave on your Instagram posts. This gives businesses the ability to keep a personal rapport with their customers, even in a technological age.

Caption Photos Properly: Just like using appropriate hashtags, it’s important to properly caption the content you post. Without a proper caption, your audience may be missing important pieces of information about your business and the products they’re viewing.

Stay Active within Your Instagram Community: One thing is certain, things move quickly when using apps like Instagram to promote your business. To keep from falling behind, make sure you’re playing an active role in the Instagram community. Interact with your consumers, post regularly, and keep your content fun in order to maintain an audience.


Final Thoughts about Instagram

Instagram has quickly risen to popularity as one of the most commonly used social media applications in the world, which makes it no surprise businesses have found a way to capitalize on it. Through a combination of page organization, utilizing in-app features, and creating a relationship with your audience, you can increase your Instagram presence and boost ecommerce sales!


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