Between organizing sales orders, generating packing slips, shipping labels, and then manually updating each individual marketplace that your product is shipped, shipping your product can be as much work as getting it sold in the first place.  Ecomdash’s shipping integration solves each of those problems easily and efficiently.

Once a product is sold, ecomdash begins its shipping process. This begins with consolidating all of the products you will need to ship that day into a pick list to allow you to easily locate and prepare your products for fulfillment. This increases efficiency by allowing your workers to know the exact amount of product to get for all of your orders all at once, the exact place it is located, which provides them a guide to ensure they are gathering the correct products for the correct orders.

After your products have been prepped for shipping, ecomdash allows for customizable packing slips to be generated. These slips can have your company or brand logo, the ability for messages and notes, and is simultaneously generated from every storefront you have.

The last step in the process is to generate the shipping labels. ecomdash allows for bulk shipping labels across all of your business’s storefronts to be generated. In addition, ecomdash allows you to set defaults on all of your shipping settings such as signature required, or confirmation required. Once the weight is entered, ecomdash automatically generates commercial rates pricing for the shipment and prints the label accordingly.

Once the shipping label is generated, ecomdash doubles back and tells the marketplace that the product is shipped, with the generated tracking number, without needing you to log back into each individual marketplace and update every form manually.

From generating all relevant paperwork in the beginning of the shipping process across all of your marketplaces, to finalizing a “shipped” label and generating a tracking number across all of your marketplaces, ecomdash allows you to take care of all your shipping needs from one dashboard.

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