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See something you like on Instagram? Don’t waste time trying to find it online. Just buy it straight from Instagram with a simple click.

Instagram recently got an upgrade from Curalate, a visual marketing and analytics firm, who partnered with big retailers like Target and Nordstrom to bring shoppers Like2Buy. Deemed “Instagram’s missing link,” Like2Buy allows Instagrammers to make a purchase directly from their phone.

Though other social sharing sites like Twitter and Facebook have been racing towards in-app purchasing, Instagram has been slow to come to this moment. Part of the delay is due to Instagram’s policy of enabling only one live link, which is located in the user’s profile. Having only one link available meant that link-to-buy conversions from Instagram were near impossible to track. Additionally, the number of steps a shopper had to take in order to get to checkout, i.e. opening up a separate browser and then having to search for that specific product, meant fewer consumers followed through with purchase.

Now, shoppers need only go to an Instagram user’s profile and click one link – the Like2Buy link. Shoppers are then directed to a thoughtfully designed page that displays all of the retailers available products that had been “Instagrammed.” They can browse reviews for that specific product and make purchases in confidence over a secure network.

In the past, we’ve shared why social media marketing is vital for ecommerce sellers, and how Instagram can drive sales. In a guest post we did for AddShoppers, we interviewed and reported on the work of a Brand Ambassador for a women’s fashion retailer, and how she uses Instagram to drive ecommerce sales. Up till now, it’s been hard to prove the direct connection from Instagram posts -to- purchases without cool social tracking software like AddShoppers. Now with Like2Buy, retailers will be able to verify direct purchases from Instagram posts.

For now, Like2Buy is partnering with about 450 major brands. It will probably be some time before other developers follow suit and develop a similar, more affordable program for small and mid-sized retailers. In the meantime, expect Instagram users to engage with the site for more than just social content. They’re on the hunt for new purchases, and they’ll be browsing their feed with a watchful eye for products that entice them. Share smart content that can pique their interest and encourage them to click to view more details about your product. You may just catch them the old fashioned way. For tips on how to engage with your audience and improve interaction, read our post on Instagram marketing and branding, and the additional follow up article.

Do you plan to test this new ecommerce software? Are there other click-to-buy options you think you’ll try – like Facebook or Twitter or other? Please share which one you think could have the most impact on your ecommerce company’s bottom line.

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