instagram post ideasSocial media has become an important tool for online business owners. Sites like Facebook and Instagram can take online retailers to the next level with advertising as well as helping brands build meaningful customer relationships. Coming up with new social media content can get challenging, especially if your business already has an established presence on Instagram. Here are eleven ideas to keep in mind when you’re brainstorming Instagram posts:


Recurring Content

If you’re unsure what to share or need to start posting on a regular basis, consider multiple recurring Instagram posts. Recurring posts come out on a regular, predictable basis and should go together thematically. For example, schedule  “Get Ready for the Weekend” posts on Fridays, or a “Product of the Week” post that highlights one of your products every Monday. Have fun and get creative with these posts! The idea of recurring content is not to be boring, but to give customers something to look forward to every week, while also keeping your page fresh.


Product Launches

It’s important to announce product launches on your social media platforms, as they get customers excited to view your new items. When you post a launch on Instagram, make sure the announcements are fun and exciting. Consider using  Instagram’s carousel feature, to show your product from various angles. This gives customers a sense of unboxing. There are many ways to present a product announcement, just be sure your post is a fun experience for your viewers.

product launch instagram post example



Sales Announcements

Announcing sales is another great way to keep your Instagram followers informed of what’s going on at your store. Like all Instagram posts, sharing a sales event should be exciting for your followers. Consider offering discounts for those who see your Instagram announcements, or include something special if they mention your post in their order notes. This could be as simple as an additional discount code, or more substantial, like a small gift.


Holiday Announcements

Get your Instagram followers and website viewers in the spirit of the season with holiday-themed social posts and seasonal sales. Not only do these types of posts go a long way to show your holiday spirit, but they also encourage your customers to make additional purchases from your store all season long. Think of special ways to make your holiday posts unique to your business and keep your target audience in mind.




How-To and Tutorial Videos

Posting tutorials on your Instagram page is a great way to show off how your products work. Videos give shoppers insight into the item they’re considering. Likewise, your existing customers can see how to use the products correctly or in a new way. Make sure your tutorials are upbeat and easy to understand; complicated and dry or boring videos will turn viewers away.


Before and After Photos

Everyone loves a great makeover! Before and after posts give you a unique opportunity to show how your product changes the lives or experiences of your customers. While these types of photos work especially well for makeup brands or furniture companies – like this Instagram ad from IKEA –  there are also great before and after photo options for tech companies and other businesses that have improved visuals.


Content Contests or Giveaways

Another fun way to interact with your followers on Instagram is running content contests or giveaways. This is an easy way to get your customers to engage with your Instagram posts. It also gives you a chance to speak with your viewers in the comments. Examples you can try – asking viewers to post content with your products as the star, or post a photo of their best or worst Christmas gift, for a chance to win a prize. Be sure to ask them to include a specific hashtag for your store. Your audience will feel like they have some influence over what gets posted on your social media. This can make them feel a deeper connection to the brand.



Another great option when you’ve hit a creative block is keeping a few repost ideas in your back pocket. Reposting images from customers also helps to build a positive report, showing them that your brand represents their values and sees them as important individuals. Remember to always get permission from the original source before reposting and tag them as well, so they’re properly credited.




Customer Feedback Posts

Posts that include customer feedback can be a great way to show testimonials from happy customers. Keep these types of posts fun, otherwise, your Instagram feed may start to look like just another review board for your brand. Try sharing reviews that are funny, heartfelt, or otherwise stand out.


Shoppable Posts

Shoppable posts are some of the most lucrative as they have the potential to garner more sales for your brand. They’re a great way to showcase your product and allow customers to go straight to your website after seeing what’s available. Shoppable posts are also a good opportunity for customer engagement. For example, consider sharing a satisfied customer’s image of your product in their home or on their person and making it shoppable. Now, viewers will see the product in action and be able to purchase it directly from their account.


Show Off the People Behind the Brand

Telling your story, praising the people behind it, and why your brand is meaningful to you is a good way to promote connections with your audience. These types of posts are important, as they give a peek into your world. Viewers can see what goes on behind the scenes and see exactly who their business supports.


Final Thoughts

There are many ways to keep your Instagram posts fun, informative, and engaging. While thinking of post ideas can sometimes feel tedious, keeping your Instagram page up to date and interesting to viewers is important. This is especially true in an age of social selling. Instagram is especially useful when trying to boost your ecommerce sales. Likewise, using social media to promote your online business is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to increase your brand awareness and product visibility, which leads to increased traffic and more sales.


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