Constant Contact Inventory Management Software

Connect your Constant Contact store and all your other ecommerce channels to ecomdash to streamline your listing, inventory, and shipping operations.

Constant Contact Inventory Software

Managing your Constant Contact store is easy with all these features.

Variation Support

USPS Discounts

Print USPS shipping labels at reduced rates via our partnerships with Endicia,, and Pitney Bowes.

Shopify Plus

Purchasing Predictions

Deciding how much inventory to purchase is no longer a guessing game with our restock forecasting report.

Product Tags

Send Orders to FBA

Set rules to send new customer orders automatically to Amazon for faster delivery times.

Shopify POS

Dropshipping Made Easy

Working with dropship suppliers is streamlined with our automated feeds for product data, new orders, and tracking details.

Unlimited Sales Channels

Go Multichannel

Sell your products on as many marketplaces as you need, at no additional cost.

Core Features

Never Run Out Of Products

We’ll alert you when a product quantity is low so you can create a purchase order to send to your supplier, all without leaving ecomdash.

Constant Contact Inventory Automation

Our Constant Contact inventory feature keeps your product quantities synced, no matter how many places you list them. When a customer purchases a product or you receive more inventory from a supplier, we’ll automatically sync those product adjustments without you lifting a finger.

Constant Contact Inventory Automation

Constant Contact Listing Tool

Quickly list new products or update older ones with our product listing tool. Update hundreds of listings at one time in bulk and create listing templates to list your products to new marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Constant Contact Listing Tool

Import Your Email Contacts

Retention marketing is easier than ever before with our import contacts feature. You can easily import your new customers into your Constant Contact account to add them to various digital marketing efforts such as social retargeting and more.

Constant Contact email integration

“Ecomdash has allowed our business to expand as we sell online B2C, B2B, brick-and-mortar, and at mobile locations. No other software handles this for us like ecomdash can.”

Sander K., Owner of Seattle Seed Co.

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constant contact inventory management resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I list a new product on my Constant Contact store?

Yes, you can list hundreds of products through ecomdash.

Will you charge me if I want to add more sales channels?

No, you can integrate with as many online channels as you like.

Can I edit my product listings?

Yes, you can customize listings to match a specific promotion or any other occasion.

Can I send my Constant Contact store sales orders to FBA?

Yes, you can use our FBA integration at no extra charge with our pro plan.

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