eBay Inventory Management Software

Save time by streamlining inventory control, sales order management, product listings, fulfillment, and more with our eBay inventory management software.

eBay inventory management software

Grow your eBay business with these tools.

basic dropshipping package

eBay International

Our software works with eBay US, UK, CA, AU, AT, BE, FR, DE, IT, NL, ES, CH, IN, PH, IE, PL, SG, and MY.


Variant Products

Variant Products

Create and submit a listing to eBay for a product with multiple variations such as size, color, and dimensions.

Out of Stock Control

Full-Service Solutions

We’re a Full-Service Solution Provider, meaning you can manage all your eBay needs within your ecomdash account.

eBay Inventory Automation

Our eBay online inventory platform is designed to save you time. When a sale is made, we’ll automatically send updated stock levels in near real-time to all your connected sales channels. Decrease the chances of overselling and missing out on sales with automated inventory control.

eBay Inventory Automation

eBay Listing Tool

Easily manage and upload listings with our eBay product listing software. Quickly upload all your fixed price listings, schedule auctions, set customizable listing and shipping attributes, and create variant products. 

eBay Listing Tool

eBay Dropshipping Software

Dropshipping is a great business model for online retailers, but it requires a smart marketing strategy. Let us take the operational tasks so you can focus on marketing. Our eBay dropshipping software sends eBay sales orders to your suppliers and once the order is fulfilled, we’ll update eBay with the shipping and tracking details.

eBay Dropshipping Software

“It is robust and handles our thousands of kits (assemblies) across 4 stores. Am still learning but am impressed and happy to have invested the time into the database moving from our legacy system. It is ideal if you are just getting started also.”

Brenda N., Owner of Dad-n-Lad

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eBay resources to help grow your business

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5 tips for efficiently and accurately managing your eBay inventory.

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ebay inventory management resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support international eBay sites?

Yes! Once you define your default country in ecomdash, we will send new product listings to that specific country.

Can I use ecomdash to list my variant products to eBay?

Yes, you definitely can.

How many places can I connect to ecomdash?

The sky is the limit. We believe our customers should sell anywhere they want, without additional fees.

Can I send my eBay orders to FBA?

Yes, with our FBA management tool, you can choose which products to send to FBA, no matter the sales channel.

What eBay selling accounts do you support?

We support the eBay Selling Manager and Pro accounts.

How do you track my inventory on eBay?

Our system uses the Custom Label on eBay as your unique SKU to map and manage inventory on eBay.

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