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List your products with our Google Shopping listing tool. They’ll be seen by millions on Google Assistant, Google Shopping, and more.


Everything You Need to List on Google Shopping 

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Add Product Listings Fast

You’ll have the ability to add hundreds of new product listings in a matter of minutes.

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Follow The Sales Process

We receive order information, process those orders, and get you ready for fulfillment.

Track Serialized Inventory

Create Multichannel Listings

List your products on the top online marketplaces worldwide including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many more.

Google Shopping Listings At Your Fingertips

Ecomdash gives you complete control over your product listings. Manage all of your listings within our easy-to-use software.

  • Make edits to individual products or save time updating multiple listings with our bulk editor.
  • Introduce more products? You can add as many listings as you want. There’s no limit!
  • List across multiple channels, we’ll sync your inventory so you’re updated on stock levels.
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Better Listings Brings More Sales

With our Google listing tool, you can create unique listings that stand out among thousands of competitor products. By optimizing your listings, you’ll catch more eyes and eventually increase sales.

  • Include categorical tags so your products are seen in relevant shopper search results.
  • Improve customer experience with special promotions like product bundling.
  • Add variations including size, color, material and more so your audience will know exactly what they’re getting.

Power Of Google and Ecomdash

Millions of people use Google every day. Why not put your product in front of them. With our Google integration, you can get your products seen by motivated Google searchers.

  • Sell products across multiple sales channels, we’ll help you keep your quantities synced.
  • Showcase your products to smartphone users, web browsers, and anyone else using Google platforms.
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Start listing products on Google today!

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