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Ecomdash takes the hassle out of selling online. Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

We are ecomdash, your ecommerce dashboard. We’ve created a software solution to streamline and automate the ecommerce operations of small businesses, and we’re pretty proud of it. Ecomdash makes running your business easier by centralizing your ecommerce needs in one location. Your marketplaces, shopping carts, POS systems, and even shipping tools are all housed under one roof. No more running around from website to website, or struggling to memorize multiple passwords. Ecomdash simplifies the entire process by putting everything in one place.

Who Is

In the world of hunting, shooting, and accessories, is among the safest, most secure online retailers available. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you can be sure that your information will be guarded and your purchases will be fulfilled in a timely manner by coming to this major destination for online firearms sales. Boasting a simple API and partnerships with major firearms associations such as the NRA, the NSSF, and USA Shooting, is a popular name in the world of firearms. Sellers are both professional and amateur alike. If you’re selling on and you’ve found success there, you may be ready to expand to other marketplaces for your accessories, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Your passion is guns, not updating quantity numbers on different websites all day. Ecomdash is here to help you manage orders on

Customer Success Story: Century Arms

Sarah and Dan of Century Arms, North America’s largest importer of surplus firearms for over 50 years, are a top seller on

Ecomdash has allowed Sarah and Dan to get products listed to their sales channels quicker, and keeps a watchful eye on stock 24/7. The improved control and automation enables the Century Arms team to push listings out faster, and with less worry – since ecomdash updates sales orders as often as every five minutes, they don’t need to stress about overselling.

Now that they can manage inventory and listings in one place, Sarah and Dan have been able to list more interesting items across more of their sales channels. It’s allowed them to get specialized firearms in front of the right audience – collectors. These items that are ideal for a special buyer had been sitting in their inventory before.

Now, they have the visibility to get these firearms out there and sold quickly. Within two weeks of adding new products into ecomdash, Sarah and Dan reported earning thousands of dollars in new sales from auctions.

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Multichannel order management software that helps you streamline your ecommerce business.

Sync Your Inventory

Accurate Inventory

Ecomdash keeps your inventory accurate and maintained. Our software system will scan your store looking for sales every few minutes. We’ll update your inventory across your integrated channels. This reduces the risk of overselling and unexpected sellouts. If you’re tired of endlessly updating online forms, ecomdash is the system for you.
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Analytics for Your Store

Consolidate and Import Sales Orders

When your ecommerce operation becomes large enough to expand to several channels, it should be a time of enjoyment, not a time of further complications. More sales should never come with more headaches. Put all your sales in one place with ecomdash. Import sales orders from and other channels in near real-time. Don’t waste time logging into five or six different websites. Let ecomdash be your basecamp as you climb the summit into sales.
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shipping management system for your ecommerce business

Faster Shipping

Ecomdash inventory management software for offers shipping functionality from directly within our program. We do this to make ecomdash even more powerful and helpful to your online retail efforts. Create pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels for hunting accessories and other non-firearms goods using ShipStation, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express or the USPS via Endicia and Some customers have seen shipping times increase by 50%. Delivering your buyers their products as quickly as possible is a great way to get high seller ratings and raise your retention rate.
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listing tool feature for

Listing Control

Creating a new listing doesn’t need to be a headache. Gone are the days when you have to enter a new listing manually on every system you use to sell. Easily manage, edit, and upload product listings for as well as your physical location or vendor POS system. Once you create a listing in ecomdash, you can easily push the listing to and your other channels. You can also download your listings from to ecomdash, making it easy for you to expand to new systems without having to stare at your computer screen for hours entering listings.
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Integrating ecomdash and will save you time and money. Automating manual processes and streamlining tasks into one central tool has shown ROI numbers of upwards of 1400% for some customers. On average, customers see a 23% increase in sales quarter over quarter. More than 24% of our customers used our system to expand to additional sales channels, opening them up to new markets, new buyers, and more opportunities to make sales. The numbers don’t lie. We’re excited to see your business grow, just like Big Daddy Guns. Tony and John of Big Daddy Guns were able to add 21,000 more SKUs to their ecommerce stores. You can see similar results with ecomdash.

Increase sales with accurate inventory on

Our Customers Receive Incredible Customer Service

No matter what you pay, all ecomdash customers enjoy free setup and outstanding customer support. You can contact our product experts by phone, livechat, or email. You’ll also get access to our comprehensive, interactive knowledge database. We can also help you with extras like email marketing, unlimited channel integrations, and unlimited user logins.

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