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Rakuten Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

We are ecomdash, and we created a software system that small businesses and ecommerce sellers love. We saw how many different software tools successful ecommerce sellers had to use, and we decided to put them all in one place. That’s right. Your marketplace, your shopping cart, your POS system, and even your shipping tools can all be found within ecomdash. But that’s not it. We’ve automated the process. Updating your inventory in ecomdash alerts all your integrated channels, saving you time and keeping inventory and listings accurate. Close some browser tabs, throw away all those sticky notes with passwords and usernames, and consolidate your ecommerce needs in ecomdash.

Who Is Rakuten?

Rakuten, formerly known as Buy.com, is the largest ecommerce site in all of Japan and one of the biggest in the world. They sell a variety of items including home goods, clothes, and accessories. Sellers would be wise to expand their online stores into the Rakuten marketplace to take advantage of their large audience which has exceeded $4.6 billion in transactions. When it comes to ecommerce, business owners have to go where the customers are, and there are big profits to be made on Rakuten.

So, Picture This

You’ve been selling home décor accessories on Amazon, eBay, and your own website for about a year. Sales are up and you’ve decided that the next phase of your business is to expand to new marketplaces. You aren’t sure what other marketplaces are big enough for you to expand to, and you’re a little nervous about going into an entirely new environment. How can you keep up with your inventory? How will you be sure you get all the listings correct under a new system? Here’s how Rakuten and ecomdash can help your business grow. Rakuten is a trusted and reliable brand, one with a large international population of buyers.

Ecomdash helps you start selling on Rakuten. When you use ecomdash, you can download your listings from another marketplace and upload them to ecomdash to push them to Rakuten, which means you won’t have to sit in front of a computer entering all your listings one by one. We’ll also scan Rakuten every few minutes looking for sales. If we find one, we’ll update our own records, causing a ripple effect that expands to all your other channels. Your stock will be accurate, your listings will be up, and you’ll be ready to increase your sales and expand to even more marketplaces.

Track inventory across offline sales channels like Rakuten

Rakuten Inventory Management System Features

Ecomdash makes it easy to expand to Rakuten.

Sync Your Rakuten Inventory

Accurate Inventory

If you’re like most business owners, you hate having to spend an afternoon in front of your computer screen updating product quantities on the seller platforms you use. It’s a hassle and it’s not why anyone got in business. That’s one of the main functions of ecomdash, and by far our most popular features. Our inventory software for Rakuten gives you accurate, updated product quantities at-a-glance by scanning Rakuten every few minutes looking for sales. When we find something, we’ll update your quantities in ecomdash, which sends a ripple effect through all your other connected integrations. It accurately tracks moving stock across all sales channels, which eliminates the risk of overselling.
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Dropship Management Software for Your Rakuten Store

Order & Dropship Management

Dropshippers can use ecomdash as well. We love our dropshipper customers and we’re excited to help them manage their orders on Rakuten. When you use our order and dropship management software, you are able to consolidate Rakuten orders with those from all of your other sales channels. You will save valuable time with your dropship products because our software offers hands-off communication with suppliers. Not only will we keep track of your listed inventory, but we’ll important your supplier’s quantity numbers so that if they sell out, we can list your product as unavailable. Sit back, relax, and let ecomdash handle it for you.
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shipping management system for your ecommerce business

Easy Shipping

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure as many of your business needs as possible are in ecomdash. The more value we can give you, the more money you can save. That’s why we’re always so happy to tell our customers that their shipping tools are available directly from their ecomdash dashboard. With our shipping software you can create pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels for ShipStation, USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL Express. Tracking information is automatically sent to your customers, saving you time and improving customer satisfaction. See your seller ratings go up and the positive feedback pour in with ecomdash.
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listing tool feature for Rakuten

Listing Control

Whenever you introduce a new product, all your marketplaces need to be updated with the new listing. This can take hours if you’re expanding to a new marketplace and need to transfer over a large volume of listings at once. You could do it yourself and waste hours, or hire someone to do it for you and waste money, or you can let ecomdash’s software deal with it for you. Our Rakuten listing software allows you to manage, edit, and upload all of your product listings quickly and easily. Once your listings are uploaded to ecomdash, it’s simple to push them to new marketplaces. You can expand and scale your ecommerce business with confidence with ecomdash.
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Rakuten Inventory Management Software Offers Value You Can See

Our customers see an average sales increase of 23% quarter over quarter. Does that sound like something your business could use? They’re able to do this because they feel confident in expanding to new markets. Over 24% of our customers use ecomdash to expand their online operations to new platforms. And since shipping speeds can increase by up to 50%, seller ratings and positive feedback increase as well.

Increase sales with accurate inventory on Buy.com

We Want to Show You Our Impeccable Customer Support

The product experts at ecomdash are friendly, helpful, and excited to hear from our customers. They can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. You also get access to our massive interactive database for any problems you might have. We can also help you with extra goodies like email marketing, unlimited user logins, and unlimited integrations. We are here to help you. Give us a call and see for yourself.

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