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Sync your inventory management and reporting tools to the hottest marketplace, Jet. Ecomdash makes it possible for small businesses to sell on Jet.

Jet Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

Ecomdash is an ecommerce automation software tool that helps businesses cut down on their time spent on inventory hassles. We’ve created a software system that manages and syncs inventory, sales orders, and listing management across the multiple channels where our customers do business. We integrate marketplaces, shopping carts, point-of-sale systems, and even shipping software. We want to be your ecommerce dashboard, putting all your ecommerce needs in one centralized location. This frees up time, headspace, and energy for our customers, while having accurate inventory across all their channels reduces the possibility of overselling, surprise lapses in inventory, and out-of-date listings.

Who Is Jet?

Jet is one of the newest and fastest growing marketplaces on the internet. After launching in the summer of 2015, Jet quickly reached 1 million shoppers thanks to its trendy messaging and savings-centered shopping experience. As shoppers fill up their cart, Jet’s algorithm automatically lowers the prices of related items, encouraging customers to spend more in order to maximize savings. Sellers on Jet enjoy finding new markets of eager buyers pushed to their product by Jet’s algorithm. Jet also differs from competitor Amazon by offering no “front-end,” which means sellers must use a third-party integration in order to get their products in front of Jet buyers. This can prove to be a costly, but ultimately worthwhile expense for businesses.

Customer Success Story: Mountain Top Leather

Dave Symons started Mountain Top Leather in April 2013. With a background working in the fulfillment industry, the biggest lesson he learned is that keeping inventory “accurately synced is the difference between life and death in the competitive ecommerce world we live in.”

Dave knew the importance of having a reliable inventory management system, so he began using ecomdash to streamline his business and manage selling across multiple channels.

He says “Syncing inventory on multiple channels [automatically], purchase order management, and consolidated sales data,” are the most helpful features when managing his business.

Since Dave started using ecomdash, his profits have more than doubled year over year. From 2015 to 2016, Mountain Top Leather saw an impressive 91% increase in sales. Dave has also doubled the number of marketplaces he sells on.

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Track inventory across offline sales channels like Jet

Selling on Jet with Ecomdash Nets You These Features

These four features help automate your ecommerce operations.

listing tool feature for Jet

Jet API Integration

Jet differs itself from other marketplaces in a couple of key ways, but the way that most impacts sellers is that Jet doesn’t provide a seller front-end. The inventory, sales, and listings management tools you’re used to seeing on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy have to be built from scratch if you want to sell on Jet. For large businesses who can afford to hire a web developer, this is no problem. The web developer builds a Jet front-end using Jet’s API. Smaller businesses are left to buy software solutions that have built-in Jet integrations, some costing thousands per year. Ecomdash has an affordable Jet API integration and is easy to set up. Why hire a contractor or a full time employee for something you could do yourself?

forecast restocking needs for your Jet inventory

Restock Forecasting

It’s a bad thing if you have no customers. It’s not much better to have customers but not have the inventory to match their demand. Accidentally running out of inventory causes you to miss out on sales. It’s hard to keep track of your Jet inventory when you’re selling on multiple marketplaces, especially if you’re also selling in a physical location or on your own website through a shopping cart. Ecomdash’s restock forecasting tools are invaluable for a small business selling like this. We’ll scan all your integrations every few minutes looking for new sales. When your inventory reaches a certain point, we’ll notify you that it’s getting low. You can even create and email purchase orders directly from your low inventory screen. When we said we want ecomdash to be one-stop-shop for all your Jet needs, we weren’t kidding.
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Sync Your Jet Inventory

Inventory Management

Ecomdash will sync your Jet inventory with your other marketplaces. For instance, if you have twenty pairs of headphones and you sell a pair on Jet, ecomdash will automatically update your inventory on Amazon. This helps you avoid overselling, a common mistake that leads to a whole lot of trouble.
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Sync Your Jet Inventory

Jet Returns & Refunds

Jet requires sellers to acknowledge customer-initiated returns within 2 business days within their Jet seller portal. With our Jet Returns and Refunds app, you can acknowledge, approve, dispute, and process returns from within the ecomdash platform, without having to log in to Jet. Refunds are easy, as well. Our app allows sellers to partially or fully process refunds with a simple click of a button. The Jet Returns and Refunds app can be found in the ecomdash app store.
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How Expanding to Jet Can Grow Your Business

One of our favorite words here at ecomdash is “quantifiable.” We know that you want results you can see. That’s why we’d like to let you know that our customers report an average growth in sales of 23% quarter over quarter. But that’s just one of the benefits of using ecomdash for your technical requirements to sell on Jet. You will save time, increase your focus on your product, and feel comfortable expanding into even newer marketplaces. Jet is the hot new marketplace right now, but what about next year’s new marketplace, and the one after that? Expanding into Jet with ecomdash now will give you the confidence to expand again whenever you need to.

Increase sales with accurate inventory on Jet

Jet and Ecomdash Both Value Our Customers

We want our customer service to be the absolute best a Jet seller could ask for. That’s why we’re available to support your needs by phone, email, or livechat. We also have an integrated support database that provides you with solutions important for your business. That’s not all. Do you need help with email marketing? Unlimited user logins? Or perhaps something else outside of what you think ecomdash handles? Give us a call. We’d love to discuss your needs. We’re an agile, flexible team that loves to help our customers succeed in any way we can.

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