Jet Inventory Management Software

Manage and sync inventory, sales orders, and product listings on Jet and any other integrated place you do business.

dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses
dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses

Jet Integration Benefits

Variation Support

Create, edit, and download Jet listings for products with variations such as color, size, and dimensions.

Process Refunds

Partially or fully process refunds with a simple click of a button in the Jet Refunds App found on our app store.

Returns Support

Use our Jet Returns App to acknowledge, approve, dispute, and process returns, without having to log in to Jet.

Supplier Management

Use multiple suppliers? Set priorities for each of your suppliers to manage where products are shipped from when sold.

Low Inventory Alerts

Set target quantity levels for products and we’ll notify you to order more when products go below that threshold.

Core Features

Ecomdash offers unlimited sales channels, users, and suppliers for no additional charge.

Jet Inventory Automation

We’ll scan the Jet marketplace every few minutes looking for new sales. When a sale is made, we will sync your new product quantity to all integrated sales channels. When stock levels reach your predetermined threshold, we’ll send you a notification that stock is low and to order more.

dropshipping management software with inventory automation

Jet Listing Tool

Managing and adding products to new channels is easy. Use our Jet listing manager to place your product in the appropriate taxonomy where it can be seen by customers already buying on the marketplace. You can also set defaults such as payment methods and tax settings for a speedier listing process.

dropshipping management software order management

Jet Dropshipping Software

Define rules for ecomdash to send Jet products to your supplier for fulfillment. Once a sell is made, we’ll automatically route the order to the specific supplier based on your preset priorities. Once shipped, we’ll receive the tracking details from the supplier and update Jet so you can let the customer know their order has shipped.

dropshipping management software with intuitive feed management

“We’ve used eComDash now for almost a year and have been amazingly satisfied with not only the product their amazing customer service.”

Dan H., Baumgartens Exclusive Imports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I process returns and refunds with ecomdash?

Yes! We have an app that lets you acknowledge, approve, dispute, and process returns within the ecomdash platform, without having to log in to Jet.

How does a return affect my stock levels?

You can configure your account to automatically mark any product returns as sellable or not.

How many sales channels can I sell on?

You can sell on as many sales channels as you want. Each pricing tier allows an unlimited number of integrations.

Can I list new variant products to Jet?

Yes, you can. We’ve added the functionality to support listing variations for the following channels: eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, Bonanza, Google Shopping Actions, and Jet.

Do you auto-confirm orders for Jet?

Yes! We absolutely confirm your Jet orders automatically.

Can I print shipping labels in ecomdash for my Jet orders?

Sure. With our shipping tool, you can print shipping labels for any of our integrated carriers.

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