Magento Dropshipping Software

Sell your dropship suppliers’ products on your own webstore, whether it is Magento 1 or Magento 2, along with all the popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

magento dropshipping software
dropshipping software for Magento sellers

Automate Magento Dropshipping

From receiving and updating product data to logging into each platform to get new customer orders to send to your dropship suppliers, how do you have time for marketing? Well, ecomdash can automate many of those tasks for you. We connect to your Magento webstore and any other platform you’re selling on and manage all these touchpoints between suppliers, customers, and sales platforms, without you lifting a finger.

Dropshipping On Magento Is Easy

Running a dropshipping business doesn’t have to be tedious. Our software is loaded with features to help you manage your Magento dropshipping business. See how you can get hours back in your day to focus on expanding your business.

Track Seller Fees

Sell on Unlimited Platforms

Connect to as many marketplaces and webstores as you need, at no additional cost.

Multiple Suppliers

Dropship Suppliers

Manage multiple dropship suppliers with our multi-fulfillment functionality.

Full-Cycle Visibility

Auto-Split Orders

Based on priorities, our system will split customer orders and send individual items to the right suppliers.

FBA Management

Keep Customers Updated

Once we receive the shipment details from your supplier, we’ll update Magento with the tracking info.

International Selling

Various Feed Options

Integrate your dropship suppliers using FTP/SFTP or our open ecommerce API.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

Mapping SKUs

If your suppliers use different IDs for the same product, you can map them as one in ecomdash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sync products from another seller's Amazon listings to my Magento account?

No, this isn’t something we offer. Our system can receive product data from your suppliers via API or SFTP/FTP feeds, or via an HTTP location.

How can I import my supplier's inventory?

Product details can be imported into your account via SFTP/FTP or HTTP location in CSV or TXT formats.

Do you support variations for Magento?

At this time you can take any of your products with variations and create listings for Magento 2 only.


Can I really sell my products on an unlimited number of places?

Yes. We don’t charge for each integration. You can have multiple storefronts and marketplaces such as 1 Magento store, 2 eBay accounts, and 1 Bonanza account, and you won’t pay anything extra.

Do you offer setup assistance for new accounts?

Yes, new customers receive a free 1 hour onboarding session to get their account started. We also offer optional training packages if you need some additional help.

I have a few different suppliers and I need to map my SKUs. Can you help?

We have a ton of support guides on how to map SKUs, but you can also choose to sign up for dedicated training sessions with an ecomdash expert. You can check out the options here.

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