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Inventory management and reporting tools for the Magento shopping cart. Your ecommerce dashboard puts everything in one place. We are compatible with Magento versions up to 1.9x.

Magento Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

Ecomdash is a multichannel automation tool for ecommerce sellers. It manages inventory, listings, and reporting. Who does ecomdash integrate with? For your convenience, ecomdash integrates with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, shopping carts like Shopify, point-of-sale systems like Vend, and shipping software like ShipStation. There’s a heck of a lot of software tools out there that successful businesses will need in order to take their operations to the next level. You don’t have to hire someone to manage your various channels, and you don’t have to waste time doing it all yourself. Ecomdash is your ecommerce ally automating your inventory management needs.

Who Is Magento?

Magento is a beast. It’s a cloud-based, open source ecommerce platform. The Magento team empowers over 50 billion-with-a-B dollars of transactions annually. The program flawlessly integrates digital and physical shopping experiences. If you’ve got web development experience on your team, a shopping cart platform like Magento offers more flexibility and opportunities for customization. Using an inventory management system with Magento helps to keep your unique shopping experience in sync with your quantities on other marketplaces and shopping carts.

Customer Success Story: Wholesale Keychain

Nir has been operating Wholesale Keychain online since 2002, and is based out of Tustin, California. Though Nir laid the foundation for his success with savvy inventory selection, great customer relations and more, ecomdash was able to help Wholesale Keychain scale his business.

Nir’s favorite feature is the standardization of all orders. Without ecomdash’s ability to uniquely map and identify SKUs, employees would be (and were!) confused – which product SKU was associated with this order?

Before enlisting ecomdash, Nir was selling on his Magento website only. He couldn’t expand to other channels, because it was too much work trying to manage orders and moving inventory for just one website, let alone other marketplaces and sites. Now, Nir also sells on and, and is both an FBA and FMB (fulfilled by merchant) seller.

He picked ecomdash specifically because with ecomdash, he had the option of expanding to two Amazon marketplaces at once – without losing track of inventory quantities. Nir estimates that his sales have increased by 20%, and is becoming more and more successful on the Amazon marketplace.

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What Are the Benefits of Magento Inventory Control Software?

This is why inventory control is important and worth the money.

listing tool feature for Magento

Your Listings Are Accurate

Our listing management services are a favorite of our customers. It’s easy to see why. You can download your Magento listings into ecomdash with the click of a button. Once you’ve updated your listings to include the various required fields, you can submit those listings to other marketplaces such as eBay, Newegg, and Amazon. Perhaps more importantly, it’s easier to expand to new marketplaces and find new customers. When you know ecomdash has your back, you can safely explore new areas to make money while we handle the leg work of making sure your listings are accurate.
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Sync Your Magento Inventory

Your Inventory Is Consistent

Ecomdash is all about automating your ecommerce operation. Every few minutes, we’ll scan Magento for sales. If you use Magento for both your physical and online sales, we’ll be scanning for both. Once we find anything, we’ll update your inventory on every marketplace you’re selling on and every other software system you have integrated. Say goodbye to overselling. Save time by not having to log into a twisted web of business management tools. The ecomdash inventory control system puts everything in one place..
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forecast restocking needs for your Magento store

Your Restocking Is Covered

You can’t get sales if you don’t have stock of your product. It’s a simple rule, but one that is easy to drop. Accidentally running out of inventory, especially when you’re a multichannel operation, can put a stop to your sales and put a dent in your profits. That’s why integrating Magento with ecomdash is so important. Our functionality allows you to set low inventory alerts, giving you a ping when your stock is getting low. Directly from that screen, you can create and email purchase orders. Our restock forecast report helps you stay ahead of your inventory needs before they even become low. You can rest easy knowing you’ve got plenty of stock.
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Analytics for Your Magento Store

Your Sales Reports Are Thorough

Are you tired of searching for sales report management tools? Sick of trying to find sales report templates to download, fiddle around with, and decide they’re too time consuming? Let ecomdash and Magento handle it for you. Our software can generate over 40 of the most important business health reports right from your dashboard. This includes data from Magento and from every other system you’ve integrated to ecomdash. Keep tabs on your business to recognize problems before they arise.
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The Financial Benefits of Using Inventory Management Software with Magento

Ecomdash inventory management for Magento is worth the money. You’ll keep your inventory up-to-date, feel confident to expand into new marketplaces, and have more time to focus on making your product as stellar as possible. Our customers see an average 23% increase in sales quarter over quarter. You tell us: is 23% percent sales increase each quarter something you want for your business?

Increase sales with accurate inventory on Magento

Magento Inventory Management Isn’t Difficult with Customer Service Like This

Don’t let the fear of difficulty stop you from integrating Magento with ecomdash. Our product experts consider it a point of pride that they are able to help anyone and everyone with any questions. You can contact us by live chat, phone, or email. We respond quickly and accurately to your concerns. But we go even deeper. Do you need help with email marketing? Unlimited user logins? It couldn’t hurt to call us up. We want your business to succeed.

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