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Amazon Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

We are ecomdash, an inventory management software solution that automates the ecommerce needs of small and mid-sized businesses selling on multiple channels. Ecomdash unifies your inventory, sales orders, listings, and shipping needs from all your seller tools in one convenient location. Our real-time data sync and ecommerce automation software enables businesses to sell more products, in more places, while spending significantly less time and money on back-end operations. It’s an ecommerce dashboard that is designed to help businesses owners succeed in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Who Is Amazon?

It would be an understatement to just call Amazon the largest ecommerce retailer on the internet. They’re actually one of the largest retailers in the world online or not, and the single most valuable retailer period. They offer uncompromised scope, reliability, and brand awareness gained by employing high standards among sellers. Amazon’s guidelines are harshly enforced. It’s not difficult to get your store suspended on Amazon, and once that happens, it can be tough to get your account reinstated. With ecomdash’s inventory management software for Amazon sellers, the likelihood of this happening to you is greatly reduced; and with a host of additional time saving features, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Customer Success Story: MeatSnacker

MeatSnacker, started in March 2015 by Boon and his wife, is one of the largest online meat snacks store in the U.K. They started the business on Shopify. Once Boon added the Amazon marketplace as a sales channel, sales increased, but so did the headaches.

“Our need for an inventory management system became apparent once sales started growing and once we were selling through two channels,” Boon said. “After extensive research we decided that ecomdash was the perfect solution for our small but growing business.”

“Ecomdash automates a lot of the processes we would have done manually in the past, allowing us to do more with the same small team and the same amount of time,” Boon said.

“After using ecomdash to start listing on Amazon Marketplace, we have been able to triple our sales revenue,” Boon said.

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Track inventory across offline sales channels like Amazon

Amazon Inventory Management Made Easy

Simple yet powerful inventory control and order management for Amazon sellers.

Sync Your Amazon Inventory

Inventory Management

It’s no secret that selling on multiple channels helps increase sales. Ecomdash empowers you to sell on multiple channels from one convenient dashboard. When you make a sale on Amazon, ecomdash will automatically alert your other seller channels with the updated inventory. That means the channels you use for selling, shipping, and even purchase orders for Amazon can all be found in the same place. Are you a member of Handmade at Amazon? We sync your inventory there, too. Can you use ecomdash with FBA? Yes! Our software includes easy to use FBA management tools to help with inventory and fulfillment. Need inventory management that works with Amazon international? We do that too. Let us show you how well Amazon works with ecomdash.
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forecast restocking needs for your amazon inventory

Restock Forecasting

Running a small business is hard. We get it. There’s a lot you have to keep up with. Restock forecasting from ecomdash gives you one less thing to worry about. When your inventory gets low, we’ll send you an alert letting you know it’s time to send out a purchase order. That’s not it though. You can email the purchase order directly from ecomdash, and when you receive your shipment, you can update ecomdash and all your channels will be updated as well. You save a ton of time and eliminate the risk of accidentally running out of your inventory at a critical time when you use our inventory management software.
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Analytics for Your Amazon Store

Ecommerce Reporting

Our Amazon inventory software tracks your sales, but we don’t only use that info to update your inventory. Our developers came up with a list of over 40 of the most important business reports needed to determine the health of your ecommerce operation, and we put them all within ecomdash. With the press of a button, you can access metrics to help you make informed and savvy decisions about your business.
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listing tool feature for Amazon

Listing Management

Keeping your listings accurate and unified across your channels is an important part of growing a trustworthy and successful ecommerce business. We know how time consuming it can be to accurately manage and list products on multiple channels without the help of software. One of our most popular features is our ecommerce product listing tool. Ecomdash makes it easier for you to download all of your listings from Amazon. Once you’ve added the various sales channels’ required fields, you can transfer those listings to other marketplaces like eBay, Jet, and Walmart. We even offer a Beta program for ASIN creation within the ecomdash platform, so you can list new products without logging into your Amazon account.
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Our Amazon inventory software works with Handmade at Amazon, Amazon Canada, UK, Germany, Australia (beta), Spain, France, India, and Italy.

The Benefits Of Amazon Inventory Automation

We can go on and on about the time you’ll save, but we know business owners are sometimes all about the numbers, so here they are. Ecomdash customers see an average growth in sales of 23% quarter over quarter. Those are results that you can see, and results that will drive a noticeable increase to your bottom line. Our customers have more time to focus on making a great product, no longer lose sales from surprise sellouts of stock, and can comfortably expand from Amazon to other marketplaces and even brick and mortars. Simply put, our Amazon inventory management system is an investment your business won’t regret.

Increase sales with accurate inventory on Amazon

Enjoy the Pride of Ecomdash – Our Outstanding Customer Service

We love small businesses. That’s why our customer service is so friendly and helpful regardless of what plan you choose. We want to talk to you, because we love hearing your stories and sharing in your successes. Our product experts are available by phone, email, or by live chat. We’ve also put together an easy-to-use support site with tips on how to use our software. Is there anything else you need for your business to succeed? We’d be happy to hear from you.

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