Newegg Dropshipping Software

List your dropship products on Newegg, along with all your other platforms, while ecomdash handles all the backend communications to your dropship suppliers.

newegg dropshipping software
dropshipping software for Newegg sellers

Automate Newegg Dropshipping

Managing all the back and forth when running a multichannel dropshipping business can be tedious. Automate the order and shipping communication with ecomdash so you can focus on the bigger picture – growing your business.

Dropshipping On Newegg Is Simple

Using our dropshipping software, you can sell products on Newegg and all the other popular marketplaces without all the hassle. Get all the great features below at a price you can afford.

Track Seller Fees

List Products on Unlimited Channels

We don’t charge per integration, so you can sell products on as many marketplaces and webstores as you’d like.

Multiple Suppliers

Multi-Supplier Dropshipping

Using different suppliers for the same product is beneficial and, with us, you can do so without any communication nightmares.

Full-Cycle Visibility

Split Customer Orders

Set priorities at the product level and we’ll split the orders based on which supplier you prefer to fulfill each item.

FBA Management

Close the Shipping Loop

We’ll update your Newegg account with the shipping and tracking details automatically once your product is fulfilled.

International Selling

Integration Options

Connect with each dropship suppliers using our FTP/SFTP feeds, our open ecommerce API, and more.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

SKU Mapping

Map each supplier SKU to the same product to ensure we accurately update each platform with a real product count.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get products from another seller's Amazon listings and sell on Newegg?

No, this isn’t something we offer. Our system can only receive product information from your suppliers via API or SFTP/FTP feeds, or an HTTP location.

How do I bring in my supplier's inventory?

You can import your supplier’s product data via SFTP/FTP or HTTP location in CSV or TXT formats.

Can I really have multiple suppliers?

Yes, you can connect to multiple dropshipping suppliers with no problem.

How many sales platforms can I sell on?

As many as you want. You can have multiple storefronts and marketplaces such as 1 Shopify store, 2 eBay accounts, and 1 Newegg account, and you won’t pay anything extra.

How does setup work?

When you begin an account with us, you receive a free 1 hour onboarding session to help you get started. We also offer additional professional service packages for one-on-one training with our ecomdash team members.

My suppliers use different SKUs for the same product. Can you help?

We have a ton of support guides on how to map SKUs, but you can also pay for a dedicated training session with an ecomdash expert and they’ll show you how. Check out the options here.

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