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Sync your inventory management and reporting tools to the Newegg marketplace, including Newegg Canada. Let ecomdash handle syncing Newegg inventory across channels so you can focus on selling.

Newegg Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

Ecomdash stands for ecommerce dashboard. Our super-nerd developers have created a multichannel ecommerce automation tool to help your business streamline its inventory management needs. We do the ground game by syncing your inventory, listings, and reporting so you can focus on making great products. We integrate with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, as well as shopping carts like Shopify, shipping tools like ShipStation, and repricing tools like Appeagle. We put everything in one location, saving you time and energy.

Who Is Newegg?

Newegg is one of the most trusted online retailers for tech and electronic needs. Through a stunning website, exceptional customer service, and a cultural focus on helping sellers fulfill their potential, Newegg is well on their way to fulfilling their ambition of being the most loved marketplace on the web. Newegg appeals to mainstream buyers, but also has a deep market of tech enthusiasts and professionals who use it to find parts for their electronics needs. The sometimes tricky mix of component parts makes using an inventory management system with Newegg incredibly important.

So, Picture This

You’re the owner of Player Two Video Games. After selling mostly refurbished retro consoles online, you’ve decided to begin selling parts as well. You want to list not only your individual parts, but also the parts available from within your consoles, allowing you to maximize your sales and customers. When you sell a whole unit, let’s say an Atari, you’re not just selling that unit. You’re selling every part within that unit. Can you update your parts inventory for whole unit sales? Sure. You can just go to each individual listing for each individual part on each individual marketplace you sell on and update the listing. But the more moving parts you have, the more the risk of making mistakes, and overselling is a costly one.

Overselling is the most common reason Amazon suspends sellers. Can you afford to have your store suspended? Here’s how inventory management integration for Newegg with ecomdash saves you time and money. Ecomdash syncs your parts and your build products. Every few minutes, we’ll scan your sales on Newegg. If we find anything, we’ll update your stock quantity of both that product and those parts across all the marketplaces you’ve integrated. For a marketplace like Newegg, one with both niche and mainstream buyers, going without this dual functionality is like playing baseball with one hand tied behind your back.

Track inventory across offline sales channels like Newegg

Do You Really Need Inventory Control Software for Newegg?

These four features make the case.

listing tool feature for Newegg

Manage Your Dropshipping

You can use Newegg and ecomdash for dropshipping. Ecomdash allows you to set a unique warehouse for each of your products or even set up one warehouse for your entire ecommerce operation. We’ll periodically scan Newegg for sales and automatically let your warehouse know when we find them. We’ll even scan your warehouse for shipping information so we can let your customers know via email that their order has shipped. Dropshipping automation is never easier than with ecomdash and Newegg.
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Sync Your Newegg Inventory

Sync Your Inventory Across Channels

Inventory syncing is our specialty. Once you integrate Newegg with ecomdash, you can turn on a feature called auto sync. Our software will scan Newegg every few minutes looking for sales. When we find them, we’ll update your inventory in ecomdash. This in turn will update your inventory in your other marketplaces. With the build product tool, even the component parts are synced, meaning if you sell a computer on Newegg, your inventory of computer fans on eBay will be updated. You can even list your new inventory products to Newegg within the ecomdash platform, using our Newegg listing tool.
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forecast restocking needs for Newegg

Stay Ahead of Restocking Needs

Remember those 40+ reporting tools we mentioned earlier? One of them is called the restock forecast. It finally answers the age old question of how businesses can stay ahead of their inventory needs. The report provides you with all the relevant detail you need to make reorder estimations. You’ll see your average sales per month, your current quantity, and even the average amount of time it takes for your purchase order to arrive. We can even alert you to low inventory, prompting you to create and email purchase orders directly from your ecomdash dashboard. When you run out of stock, you miss out on sales.
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Analytics for Your Newegg Store

Manage Sales and Reports

A healthy business is like a healthy body: you don’t actually know if it’s healthy if you’re not checking up on it. That’s where ecomdash can help you. Managing your sales in Newegg with ecomdash allows you to track everything from trends to profitability expectations to… well, almost everything. Ecomdash has 40+ reports that can be generated at your command. Don’t worry about having to add up the math between what’s going on in Newegg and what’s happening on your other channels. We do all the legwork.
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Integrating Newegg with Ecomdash Offers Results You Can See

We can tell you all day about how much time, energy, and headspace an inventory integration for Newegg will save you, but let’s talk dollars and cents. Is inventory management software really worth it? With ecomdash, the answer our customers give us is a resounding yes. They see an average of 23% growth in sales quarter over quarter. It’s a perfect storm, really. Our software gives Newegg users the confidence to expand into new markets, keeps their inventory updated so they don’t miss out on sales, and frees them up to put their energy into their product. With all those positives, you have to ask yourself if integrating ecomdash with Newegg is something you can afford not to do.

Increase sales with accurate inventory on Newegg

Newegg and Ecomdash Both Value Our Customers

There’s a reason we’re so pumped about having Newegg as one of our partners. We both share a passion for phenomenal customer service. If you’re paying for our product, it’s our job to make sure your experience is stress free and beneficial. Attentive, fast, and friendly product experts are available to you by phone, email, or live chat. Is there anything else you need to help your business grow? Maybe even something that’s a stretch for our software? Call us up and let us know.

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