Pitney Bowes Shipping Automation Software

We’ve entered into a strategic partnership with Pitney Bowes to provide the best, most cost-efficient shipping solution for ecommerce businesses. Spend less time shipping and more time selling.

pitney bowes shipping automation software
pitney bowes shipping automation software

Pitney Bowes Shipping System

Our ecommerce shipping solution with Pitney Bowes speeds up shipping and increases your profits. Print pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels via Pitney Bowes from your ecomdash account for any integrated channel. Pitney Bowes allows you to weigh your mail piece or package and print the exact postage you need. They even save you 3 cents on every stamp you print and save with USPS Commercial Plus Base Rates.

pitney bowes shipping system
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Save Time With Automation Rules

We give you the ability to define shipping defaults based on product weight. Create If-Then statements for ecomdash to auto-populate the shipping carrier, delivery settings, and package type. Once a sales order is imported into ecomdash, we’ll calculate the weight based on the measurements you defined at the product level. From there, we’ll auto-fill your shipping details based on the rules you created.

pitney bowes shipping automation rules

Ship Faster With Our Pitney Bowes Integration

Free Account

All active ecomdash customers receive a free Pitney Bowes account. That’s a $180 annual value!

Shipping Discounts

Potentially save hundreds of dollars a year with additional discounts on top of Pitney Bowes’ already low postage rates.

Create SCAN Forms

Prevent lost packages and wasted time at the post office by consolidating all USPS shipping into a single form.

Return Labels

Quickly print return labels for sales orders in the ecomdash platform.

Build Your Brand

Increase brand awareness by adding your logo and other customizations to packing slips and confirmation emails.

Batch Printing Options

Reduce your delivery time even more by printing shipping labels and packing slips in batches of 250.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free Pitney Bowes account?

It’s easy. Once you sign up as a paying ecomdash customer, navigate to shipper setup within the settings section of your account. Click on the banner and register for your Pitney Bowes account.

How do I add postage to my Pitney Bowes account?

Pitney Bowes offers a great automated feature that refills postage for you. Once registered, you set a low balance threshold and a refill amount. Once your postage goes below the threshold, Pitney Bowes will charge the refill amount you’ve set.

Can I generate a SCAN form?

You bet! You can easily generate a SCAN form within your ecomdash account.

Can I print return labels?

Yes, you can print return labels for all our USPS partners.

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