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Ecomdash integrates with QuickBooks for powerful accounting solutions.

Quickbooks Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

Ecomdash is here to change the way you do business. We’ve created a cloud-based software system for online sellers that helps you streamline, consolidate, and automate your business. Ecomdash becomes the master of your inventory, allowing you to control inventory, sales order management, purchase order management, product listings, dropship management, and shipping management from one location. We put all your ecommerce platforms in one place. Marketplaces, shopping carts, shipping tools, and more. Clear your head and close some tabs with ecomdash.

Who Is Intuit QuickBooks Online?

Intuit QuickBooks Online is a staple of the small-medium sized business playbook. Its cloud-based solutions offer ecommerce sellers the ability to manage accounting needs such as billing, payments, payroll, and business health reporting. QuickBooks Online is the most popular online accounting platform, owing its success to its powerful features and ease of use.

So, Picture This

You run a business selling cookware on Amazon, on eBay, and on your own website powered by Shopify. You’re using Intuit QuickBooks Online to manage your accounting needs for your business, but it’s a complicated recipe. Every week, you create individual sales receipts for all your platforms. It’s tedious to transfer the information over. You’d like to expand to new marketplaces, a dash of Rakuten, or a splash of Sears, but you’re worried that you can’t deal with the extra work dished out. You can’t afford to hire an accountant to help. Your sales are overflowing and all you’ve got is a mess on your hands.

How can you make QuickBooks Online easier to manage without everything going up in smoke? Use an inventory management system like ecomdash. When a sale is made or a purchase order is received, we will update your inventory across your integrated platforms automatically. Rather than manually creating a sales receipt, ecomdash will take care of the hassle. We’ll automatically associate the sale with its corresponding product in QuickBooks Online. We’ll even create the product in QuickBooks Online if it isn’t already there. Ecomdash creates a customer profile automatically, making management of customer retention a breeze.

Can you smell what ecomdash is cookin’?

Quickly send sales receipts to QuickBooks

Our QuickBooks Online Inventory Software Comes with These Features

Simplify multichannel selling with our QuickBooks Online inventory system.

Ecomdash Offers Results You Can See

We love empowering small business owners to sell more, save time, and better their businesses. 24% of ecomdash users use ecomdash to expand to new sales channels, getting their products in front of more potential buyers. That’s why ecomdash customers see an average increase in sales of 23% quarter over quarter. Some sellers have seen a 50% decrease in the amount of time it takes to fulfill an order. Boon Koh of MeatSnacker tripled his sales and expanded to two new marketplaces with ecomdash.

Increase sales with accurate inventory with multichannel selling

Our Customer Support is Here to Help

No matter how much you pay for ecomdash, you receive high quality customer support. Our product experts are available by livechat, phone, or email. We love our customers and we get excited when the phone rings (really!). We want to help you get the most out of ecomdash. Do you need help with additional features? Let us lend a hand with email marketing, repricing, business reporting, or additional integrations. Contact us today for a consultation to learn more.

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