Rakuten Listing Tool for Online Retailers

With ecomdash, it’s easier to manage inventory, create listings, track orders, and much more. You’ll have more time to grow your business and spend less time worrying about logistics.

rakuten listing software

Everything You Need to List on Rakuten

set customer alerts

Ecommerce Streamlined

Our ecommerce software helps you streamline the sales process. We help you get organized!
product and sku mapping

Multichannel Product Listing

Cast a wide net across multiple online platforms for more selling opportunities.
Track Serialized Inventory

No Limit To Your Listings

List a wide variety of products on Rakuten and watch your sales rise.

Free Customer Support
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Sales Channels

Pricing plans from only $60 per month

No Hidden Fees
Open Ecommerce API
No Contracts

Product Listing Management on Rakuten

We will help you manage your inventory while you control how all of your listings are presented on Rakuten.

  • Edits to newer listings and old ones can be made from the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-use software.
  • Got a new product to showcase? Create a listing and promote the item to your customers in minutes.
  • Add as many product listings as you want, there is no limit!
rakuten product listings

Sell Across Multiple Marketplaces

Don’t miss out on a potential sale. The more channels your products can be found on the more you’re likely to sell them.

  • When you work with us, you have the ability to connect to any of our multichannel integrations to start listing your products on.
  • Manage listings, work orders, shipping options, warehouses, and even manage your Rakuten inventory from one system.
  • Keep track of all your products across every sales channel with ecomdash.
list variant products on rakuten

Optimize Your Listings

In seconds you can customize different aspects of your product listings and make them stand out to attract more customers.

  • Write detailed descriptions right through our listing tool and get your products noticed by more people.
  • Optimize descriptions so potential shoppers can find your products.
  • Create unique listings like product bundles to catch a shopper’s eye and provide a better customer experience.
list from rakuten to any other marketplace

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