Sears Inventory Management Software

Ecomdash takes the hassle out of expanding your online operation. Handle all of your inventory, sales orders, listings, and shipping needs in one convenient location.

sears inventory management software for ecommerce businesses
sears inventory management software for ecommerce businesses

Sears Inventory Automation

With our Sears online inventory tool, you can maintain updated inventory numbers by setting products to auto-sync. This feature ensures that when a sale is made on any channel, our software will update the inventory levels in our system and across all other marketplaces, POS systems, and shopping carts.

sears inventory automation software

Sears Listing Tool

With our listing tool, you can create listings for products with existing UPCs or MPNs. Our software will facilitate the listing process and make you a seller of an already existing product. You can customize listings with free shipping options, product descriptions, a “sale ends” date, and more.

sears inventory management software listing tool

Sears Dropshipping Software

Increase the speed of fulfillment with our dropshipping software. When a product is sold on Sears, we’ll send order details to your supplier, without you ever having to log in to ecomdash or Sears. Once the supplier ships the package, we will update Sears with the shipping and tracking details, creating a completely automated process.

sears dropshipping automation software

Everything Needed To Manage Your Sears Inventory

Unlimited Channels

Sell on an unlimited number of marketplaces, shopping carts, and POS systems at no extra charge.

Multichannel Fulfillment

Auto-route sales orders from Sears to Amazon for fulfillment and we’ll send the shipping and tracking details.

Track Multiple Warehouses

Update stock levels based on the total products across all warehouses, even if they’re assigned different SKUs.

Restock Forecasting

Analyze reports with restock predictions based on your current inventory levels and average monthly sales.

Shipping Discounts

Save money on postage via our strategic partnerships with Endicia,, and Pitney Bowes.

Core Features

List products, update inventory, manage shipping, and more – all from the ecomdash platform.

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sears inventory management resources

“It’s great to finally have my inventory sync’d across multiple marketplaces! Support staff is very responsive and knowledgeable. Often go beyond expectations!”

Quantum Online Sales Services, LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

What product identifier do I need to list to Sears?

You need the UPC or MPN, which is required by Sears.

What type of account do I need for Sears?

You must have a Sell on Sears account (aka FBM-LMP).

Do you support Fulfilled by Sears (FBS)?

No, we don’t support this type of seller account. You must have a Sell on Sears account to integrate with ecomdash.

Can I use ecomdash to list variant products to Sears?

No, not yet. We only support listing variant products for eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, Bonanza, Google Shopping Actions, and Jet. We’ll continue adding this functionality over the next year.

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