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Sears Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

Ecomdash is your ecommerce dashboard. We took all the software tools needed to run a successful ecommerce business, put them all in one place, and automated them. Your marketplaces are here. Your shopping cart systems are here. Your POS software and your shipping tools are here. Can you imagine how much time you would save if you didn’t have to log in to five or six different websites at the beginning of your business day? That’s what ecomdash was built for. We want to clear your head and let you close some tabs by putting everything in the same location.

Who Is Sears?

There are few names in retail as well-known as Sears. From their famous catalogs to their brick and mortar locations, Sears has been around in one form or another for decades. Sears has drawn a great deal of attention lately to their ecommerce marketplace, which is now open for sellers. Building up brand trust is difficult to do. It takes time that not all businesses have. Why not sell your products with one of the most trusted brands in America? It can be difficult to expand to a newer and growing marketplace, but with its large audience, Sears is becoming an important online destination for shoppers. If you’re not on Sears, you’re missing out on customers.

So, Picture This

You’ve been selling furniture through your own website and brick and mortar for about ten years. You decide you’re ready to expand to online marketplaces. You’ve heard of eBay and Amazon, but you’re not quite sure where else to find customers. You quickly become overwhelmed at the amount of marketplace options and how to keep up with your inventory with all these new selling channels. Here’s how an order management system for Sears can save you time.

Ecomdash will integrate with the POS system you use in your store, the shopping cart you use on your website, and your current inventory on Amazon and eBay so that you can easily build out your listings to Sears and other marketplaces. What was once an overwhelming headache is now a simple process. Ecomdash scans Sears every few minutes to look for new sales. When we find one, we’ll update your inventory across your marketplaces and other integrations, keeping your quantities and listings consistent on whatever software you’re using.

Track inventory across offline sales channels like Sears

Get These Feature with Sears Inventory Management Software

Multichannel order management software that helps you expand your ecommerce business.

Sync Your Sears Inventory

Accurate Inventory

No one got into business because they loved staring at computer screens, updating web forms, or keeping track of stock. That’s why our inventory management functionalities are the centerpiece of our software system. With our Sears inventory tool, you can maintain updated inventory numbers by setting products to auto-sync. This will ensure that when a sale is made on any channel, our software will update the inventory levels in our system and across all other channels. Ecomdash also has the capability to automatically mark a product as unavailable once the inventory amount reaches zero. Accurate inventory records help eliminate overselling and surprise sellouts, meaning you miss out on less sales and have happier customer interactions. Ditch the headaches and get ecomdash.
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Analytics for Your Sears Store

Order & Dropship Management

We get asked a lot if our software works for dropshippers, and the answer is yes. Our order management software consolidates all your sales orders in one dashboard, eliminating the need to log in to each sales channel. That coupled with our hands-off communication with suppliers and dropshippers, translated in whatever way your supplier needs to receive the information, will give you plenty of time to focus on other business aspects. We’ll even import inventory numbers from your supplier’s catalog, ensuring that if they run out of an item, it’ll read as unavailable on your channels. When a sale is made, we’ll retrieve the tracking info from the warehouse. Our technology was created to save you time and energy and we’re excited for you to see how much easier it is to do business once you have ecomdash.
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forecast restocking needs for your Sears inventory

Quick Shipping

When we decided to include shipping options on your dashboard, we knew we were taking our software to the next level. Ecomdash offers you the ability to create pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels from your dashboard. Once an item is fulfilled, the order details and tracking information will automatically be sent to the buyer. We’re integrated with a variety of powerful and popular shipping tools, so we’re confident you’ll find a fast and affordable shipping option to use in conjunction with Sears and ecomdash. It’s just another way we strive to save you time and give you more bang for your buck with ecomdash.
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listing tool feature for Sears

Listing Control

Like all marketplaces and seller platforms, Sears listings have unique requirements. It’s hard to remember what the overlaps are from channel to channel. You could create a giant flowchart to hang on your desk, or you can let ecomdash handle it. Our listing tool makes it possible for you to manage existing product listings and list new items as needed. You can customize listings with a short description, free shipping options, gift options, and a “sale ends” date when hosting sales.
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Increase Your Sales with Ecomdash

Streamlining your business has many benefits for you. Using ecomdash for Sears inventory management becomes a clear choice when you look at the numbers. On average, our customers see a 23% increase in sales quarter over quarter. By providing fast shipping and keeping stock updated accurately, your seller ratings will see an increase as well. Customer success is the goal of every service we offer at ecomdash. We’re excited to see your business grow.

Increase sales with accurate inventory on Sears

Ecomdash Customer Support

No matter how much you pay, ecomdash is happy to provide outstanding customer service to all our subscribers. Our product experts are excited to hear from you and to help make ecomdash work for your business. They can be reached via phone, email, or livechat with helpful assistance. Our comprehensive knowledge database is also available for your convenience. We can also assist you with email marketing, business reporting, new integrations, and expanding your sales channels. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you out.

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