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Automate inventory management, order management, dropshipping, and multichannel listing management for your Shopify store. With ecomdash, you can seamlessly connect all of your ecommerce channels to save time, improve profit margins, and keep things running smoothly – all from one web-based application.

Shopify Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

Who Are We?

Ecomdash is an ecommerce dashboard, built to help you manage and grow your online business more efficiently. Our award-winning multichannel management software automates the tedious (yet vital) functions of online selling with you in control. Your marketplaces are in ecomdash. Your shopping cart is in ecomdash. Even your shipping, supplier, and ecommerce business reports are in ecomdash. Our Shopify inventory integration unifies your ecommerce operations to save you tons of time and greatly reduce your chances of dropping the ball and making mistakes that will cost your business money.

Who Is Shopify?

Roughly 400,000 merchants use Shopify to power their online stores. Their hosted shopping cart platform offers a powerful solution for sellers who do not have the time to design and build a store from scratch. They offer themes you can customize to create a clean and reliable online hub for your sales. They developed Shopify POS to give sellers the ability to sell offline without skipping a beat. In addition, Shopify launched their scalable enterprise solution, Shopify Plus, for fast growing, high volume merchants. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a successful business, Shopify makes it easier for you to sell online.

Customer Success Story: MeatSnacker

MeatSnacker, started in March 2015 by Boon and his wife, is one of the largest online meat snacks store in the U.K. They started the business on Shopify. Once Boon added the Amazon marketplace as a sales channel, sales increased, but so did the headaches.

“Our need for an inventory management system became apparent once sales started growing and once we were selling through two channels,” Boon said. “After extensive research we decided that ecomdash was the perfect solution for our small but growing business.”

“Ecomdash automates a lot of the processes we would have done manually in the past, allowing us to do more with the same small team and the same amount of time,” Boon said.

“After using ecomdash to start listing on Amazon Marketplace, we have been able to triple our sales revenue,” Boon said.

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Track inventory across offline sales channels like Shopify

Streamline Shopify Inventory Control

Easily manage orders, inventory, dropshipping, and fulfillment with ecomdash.

Sync Your Shopify Inventory

Sync and Track Inventory

Our bread and butter is helping small businesses manage and keep track of their stock quantities when they’re selling on multiple channels. Our Shopify inventory integration keeps an accurate count of all your products, across all sales channels. We’ll uniquely map your stock keeping units (SKUs) across your Shopify POS systems as well. You never have to guess your stock levels and risk overselling with our software. The best part? It’s automated, saving you time, energy, and money.
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Dropship Management Software for Your Shopify Store

Order Management and Dropshipping

Imagine being able to run a business without having to log into five or six different websites at the beginning of the day. Ecomdash empowers you to close all those extra browser tabs and get all of the information you need from one intuitive dashboard. Our ecommerce order management software, consolidates your sales orders from all sales channels in one dashboard, and gives you all the tools you need to handle your business. We’re also perfect for Shopify dropshippers. Our dropshipping software enables you to auto-route sales orders to your dropship suppliers. We’ll even automatically sync your supplier’s inventory levels, so if they sell out, we can list your products as unavailable. Our web-based software, gives you the freedom to run your business more efficiently from wherever you’d like.
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shipping management system for your ecommerce business

Shipping and Fulfillment

Improve your customer satisfaction with a faster shipping process using ecomdash. Our shipping software creates pick lists for your employees to easily locate your products. Print packing slips and shipping labels for any of our integrated shipping carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express. Do you use ShipStation? No problem, we work perfectly in sync with their software. Once the item is fulfilled, we will automatically send the tracking information to your customers. A faster and more seamless shipping experience leads to higher customer satisfaction, raising retention and improving customer lifetime value.
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listing tool feature for Shopify

Listing Control

Are you tired of creating new listings for every channel you use? Are you avoiding expanding to new marketplaces because you don’t want to have to create hundreds of new listings? Using our listing management tool for Shopify makes listing, editing, and uploading your items quick and easy. You can create and submit listings for products that have multiple variations such as color, size, and dimensions. Looking to change your prices? With our bulk update tool, you can easily update hundreds of listings at one time. This listing tool is great for small and medium sized businesses looking to scale their operation and increase sales.

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Shopify Plus Inventory Management

Shopify Plus Inventory Management

Ecomdash automates back-end operations for high-volume retailers selling on multiple channels. Grow your enterprise business faster with our end-to-end inventory control software. Our unique mapping ID system accurately tracks products with different SKU’s, UPC’s, or other identifiers across all your sales channels, no matter the complexity.
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Shopify POS Inventory Management

Manage Your Shopify POS Inventory

Do you sell your products in-person with Shopify POS? Ecomdash makes it easy to manage your online and offline orders. We keep track of inventory levels when sales orders are processed on your Shopify POS and then update all other sales channels. Let us handle all the logistics while you focus on growing your omnichannel retail business.
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Increase Shopify Sales and Grow Your Business

Customers who use ecomdash for their ecommerce business see an average increase in sales of 23% quarter over quarter. Our software is full of tools that are strategically designed to help increase your bottom line, while saving you time and effort with multichannel automations. In addition, almost a quarter of ecomdash users have been able to expand their businesses by adding other sales channels. Simplifying inventory, order management, listing, and shipping processes allows business owners to spend more time on growing their organization. Quick order fulfillment and faster product shipping means that you will have customers who are even more satisfied with their experience. Happy customers quickly become loyal customers, increasing your chances for more return buyers.

Increase sales with accurate inventory on Shopify

Award-Winning Software & Incredible Customer Support

At ecomdash, customer support is one of the cornerstones on which our business was founded. It’s our pleasure to help you unlock the full value of ecomdash. If you have questions, we have the answers you need, and you can contact us in whichever way works best for you – chat, phone, or email. You will have access to our comprehensive support site, as well as extras like: email marketing, business reporting, unlimited channel integrations, and unlimited user logins. You get all of this no matter what plan you have. We are here to help your business succeed.

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