Stamps Shipping Automation Software

Save time by managing all your multichannel sales orders from one platform while enjoying heavily discounted postage with our integration. shipping automation software for ecommerce businesses shipping automation software for ecommerce businesses

Shipping Software For Users

Our ecommerce shipping solution is affordable for small businesses like yours. With our strategic partnership with, you save even more money on postage. Once connected to, you can print USPS shipping labels for all orders directly in your ecomdash account. Easily generate pick lists and customize packing slips to further streamline shipping operations. shipping automation software shipping automation software

Automate With Shipping Rules

Create shipping defaults based on a product’s weight. From there, add If-Then statements for ecomdash to automatically populate the shipping carrier, delivery settings, and package type for your orders based on weight. Once an order shows in ecomdash, we’ll determine the weight based on the products in the order. With those calculations and your If-Then statements, we’ll auto-fill your carrier details, eliminating much of the data entry involved in shipping. automate shipping rules

Ship Faster With Our Integration

Print Pick Lists

Make sure you ship the correct items with easy-to-read pick lists that include aisle and bin locations.

Shipping Discounts

Print postage with commercial base plus discounts with our partnership.

Generate SCAN Forms

Long postal office lines and lost packages are a thing of the past with SCAN forms.

Easy Returns

Print return labels for USPS via for any sales order in the ecomdash platform.

Build Brand Awareness

Build better brand awareness with customized packing slips and confirmation emails.

Bulk Printing

Print packing slips and shipping labels for up to 250 orders at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print SCAN forms in ecomdash?

Sure, you can consolidate your days’ worth of shipping labels into one SCAN form in ecomdash.

What about return labels?

You can print return labels for any of our USPS partners.

How do I replenish my postage?

You can easily buy more postage in your ecomdash account.

What type of discounts do I get?

We partnered with to offer our merchants commercial base plus pricing. You can find the pricing discounts by class here.

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