Vend Inventory Management Software

Whether you are selling hundreds or thousands of different SKUs on 3 marketplaces, an online shopping cart, and your own brick-and-mortar store, you can count on us to keep your inventory levels up-to-date!

dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses
dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses

Vend Integration Benefits

Multiple Vend Outlets

Multiple physical sales locations? No problem. You can connect as many physical storefronts as you need, at no extra cost.

Track Components

Easily track the quantity of your assembled products as well as the individual parts with our unique mapping ID system.

Restock Estimations

Make smarter purchasing decisions with our forecast report which calculates how much and how often to reorder products.

Bundles & Multipacks

Sell items in a variety of bundles and multipacks while ecomdash accurately deducts product levels on each sales channel.

Business Reports

Use our 40+ business reports to determine the health of your online business and make informed company decisions.

Core Features

Our ecommerce management software gives you the confidence to expand into new online marketplaces.

Vend Inventory Automation

When you make a face-to-face sale using Vend, your inventory is updated in ecomdash. We will send the updated product quantity anywhere you’ve connected to our system, reducing your chances of overselling.

dropshipping management software with inventory automation

Vend Listing Tool

Our Vend listing software enables you to list new products to Vend or download existing listings from Vend, so you can upload those listings to new channels. Once you’ve downloaded those listings, ecomdash will create products in your account. Prepare those products for other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, then submit the listings with a click of a button.

dropshipping management software order management

Vend Shipping Software

Create pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels from your ecomdash account. Once an item is fulfilled, you can create automated emails to send the order details and tracking information to the buyer. We’re integrated with a variety of popular shipping carriers, so we’re confident you’ll find a fast and affordable shipping option to use.

dropshipping management software with intuitive feed management

“Excellent solution for online sellers. Very happy with software and great support to boot!”

Value Brothers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have multiple storefronts in my Vend account?

No problem, just create multiple Vend storefronts in ecomdash by using the outlet IDs to specify which Vend storefront it relates to.

How do you track stock levels for multiple Vend physical storefronts?

With a Vend physical storefront, you can create a storefront in ecomdash with a separate warehouse that corresponds with that storefront.

What Vend pricing plans do you work with?

Ecomdash uses the Vend API to connect with customer accounts. For that reason, you need API access which is available through their Vend Pro and Enterprise plans.

Can I send my Vend sales orders to FBA?

Absolutely, our FBA integration allows you to send sales orders from any channel for fulfillment.

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