Walmart Inventory Management Software

Walmart Inventory Management Software

Sync inventory, auto-acknowledge orders, route orders for fulfillment, and consolidate your ecommerce reporting. Ecomdash is your path to selling on the Marketplace.

Walmart Inventory Software Integration With Ecomdash

What is Ecommerce Inventory Management?

Keeping accurate counts of your inventory, managing your purchase orders, routing sales to your distributors or dropshippers, creating built products, kids, and bundles, and data management are all just as important as your front-end. You could gamble on doing it manually, but here’s what you risk without ecommerce inventory management software like ecomdash.

  • Overselling that gets your store suspended
  • Stockouts that freeze your sales in their tracks
  • Fulfillment mistakes that lead to returns and angry reviews
  • Next to impossible to expand to new channels

What is the Walmart Online Marketplace?

Walmart has expanded its ecommerce offerings by opening its site to 3rd party sellers. That’s right. One of the most trusted names in retail is now offering its brand value to ecommerce businesses? Learn how you can apply today.

Why should you sell on With 100 million monthly visitors and growing, the traffic alone makes it worthwhile. In addition, Walmart’s name brand comes with a degree of customer trust some online stores would have to spend years trying to build. Lastly, Walmart goes out of its way to provide tons of helpful analytics and resources to make sure its sellers are successful.

How Can You Sell on the Walmart Marketplace?

Picture this. You’re the owner of Knockout Gloves, an online retail business that sells mixed martial arts gear and accessories. You’re already selling on Amazon, eBay, and your own Shopify powered website. You’re thinking of expanding to, but you’re worried about how to manage a fourth sales channel without sacrificing efficiency.

That’s where ecomdash comes in. We’ll integrate all your inventory under one system, then when you sell an item on, your inventory will be automatically updated across your channels. Your chances of overselling drastically go down. And with our extensive suite of ecommerce integrations, we bet your favorite tools will be included.

Ecomdash routes the sale to your supplier or distributor for fulfillment. We’ll send a notification to Walmart as well, acknowledging the sale so you don’t have to do it manually. When the order is fulfilled, we’ll forward the tracking information to your customer. Your orders are fully managed with our order management software.

Track inventory across offline sales channels like Walmart

Selling on with Ecomdash Comes with These Features

A sampling of what makes ecomdash the perfect companion to ecommerce businesses selling on’s marketplace.

Automate communication with dropshippers

Dropshipping Management

Ecomdash plays nice with dropshippers. We’ll automatically route your orders from to your supplier for fulfillment. Working with multiple suppliers? Ecomdash lets you prioritize them. We’ll even keep an eye on your supplier’s inventory and temporarily unlist the item if your supplier is sold out, further preventing oversells.
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Purchase Order Software for Your Walmart Store

Purchase Order Management

Purchase orders are the lifeblood of an ecommerce business. Ecomdash allows you to create and email purchase orders from directly within our system. Set up low inventory alerts to get notified whenever your stock is running dangerously low. Use the Restock Forecast report to determine when you should schedule your next purchase order and for how much.
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Walmart return system for your ecommerce business

Walmart Refunds

Handling refunds on a marketplace like Walmart can be time-consuming. Ecomdash has made it easy to issue refunds on Walmart with our new app. You can partially or fully process refunds with a simple click of a button within the ecomdash platform, without logging in to Walmart. The Walmart Refunds app can be found in the ecomdash app store.
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product listing for walmart

Product Listing Tool

Get your products in front of 100+ million people with an ecommerce listing management software. Ecomdash makes managing your products and expanding to new channels easy. Our system helps you keep your product listings, whether they are simple or variants, unified across your various sales channels while syncing your inventory.
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Make More Money by Expanding to Walmart’s 3rd Party Marketplace

MeatSnacker used ecomdash to expand their store and saw their sales triple. And we’ve helped thousands of stores just like that one. On average, our customers experience 23% growth in sales quarter over quarter. Using ecomdash’s tested and proven software system to manage your ecommerce business is the best decision you can make to increase profits today.

Increase sales with accurate inventory on

Customer Support for Walmart 3rd Party Sellers

We want our customers to be shocked at how much they can sell with ecomdash. That’s why our customer success team delivers stellar support over email, phone, and live chat. Every interaction, every concern, you can count on ecomdash customer support to blow you away.

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