Walmart Inventory Management Software

Sync inventory, acknowledge sales, route orders for fulfillment, and consolidate ecommerce reporting with ecomdash, a Full-Service Solution Provider.

dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses
dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses

Walmart Integration Benefits

Easy Expansion

Download your Walmart listings, add any required fields, and push those products to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Variant Groups

Create and submit a listing to Walmart for a product with different attributes such as size, color, and material.

Process Refunds

You can process refunds with a simple click of a button with our Walmart Refunds app, without logging in to Walmart.

Low Inventory Alerts

Set up low inventory alerts to receive notifications whenever your stock is running dangerously low.

2 Day Shipping

Get pre-approved access to Walmart’s fast shipping program through our partnership with Deliverr.

Full-Service Solution Provider

We are a Full-Service Solution Provider, meaning you can handle all your Walmart needs within your ecomdash account.

Walmart Inventory Automation

Keep accurate counts of your inventory, track bundled products, and avoid overselling with our ecommerce inventory software. When you sell an item on, your product levels will automatically update across any integrated sales channels. Your chances of overselling drastically go down.

dropshipping management software with inventory automation

Walmart Listing Tool

Managing products and expanding to new channels is easy. Get your products in front of 100+ million people with our ecommerce listing management software. Ecomdash helps you keep product listings, whether they are simple or variants, unified across your various sales channels.

dropshipping management software order management

Walmart Dropshipping Software

We’ll automatically route your orders from to your supplier for fulfillment with our Walmart dropshipping software. We’ll even keep an eye on your supplier’s inventory and temporarily unlist the item if your supplier is sold out. Working with multiple suppliers? We let you prioritize them at the product level.

dropshipping management software with intuitive feed management

“So far ecomdash has been amazing only 2 months in but it is the easiest interface I have used of the 5 Inventory managers I have trialed or used. Also they have a low price not based on gross sales.”

Dustan D., Owner of Dad-n-Lad

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to sell on Walmart?

Use our partner application to apply to sell on Walmart.

Can I process refunds within ecomdash?

Yes, we have an app for Walmart sellers to partially or fully process refunds with a simple click of a button within the ecomdash platform.

Do you sync and list products with variations?

Yes, you can list products with variations to the following channels: eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, Bonanza, Google Shopping Actions, and Jet.

What fields are required to list a product to Walmart?

You must have the product tax code, SKU, product name, UPC, description, brand, main category, and any category-specific attributes.

Can I send my Walmart sales orders to FBA?

While our software allows you to route Walmart sales orders, we advise that you don’t since Walmart doesn’t allow it. A great alternative for your Walmart orders is to use Deliverr. With our integration, you get pre-approved access to Walmart fast shipping tags. Learn more.

Can I import my seller fees from Walmart?

No, you can’t import seller fees at this time; however, you’ll have the ability to track additional costs, including seller fees, later this year.

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