introducing new ecomdashEcommerce has become one of the most lucrative industries, and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the boom. In fact, there are over 2.1 million online retailers in the US alone. As a result of this trend, ecommerce companies are finding ways to improve how they operate, here’s where ecomdash comes in.

Ecomdash has been providing online merchants with award-winning ecommerce services since 2014. Focusing on inventory management, multichannel listing, and order fulfillment, our mission has always been to assist SMBs in becoming successful retailers.

While our mission hasn’t changed, the way we accomplish it has. We’ve recently overhauled our UI and added a new website builder to help even the most amateur sellers open their own online store. Continue reading to get a firsthand look at how we can turn your ecommerce business into a national brand.


Seamless Ecommerce User Interface

Gone are the days when software was complex and took countless hours to learn. Our modernized interface takes the information you’d get from a complicated, comprehensive ecommerce program and condenses it into data you can use. With a click of your mouse, you can see every aspect of your business, from product listings and sales orders to integrated marketplaces and your webstore.

Immediately, you’ll notice that everything you need is in one place. No need to worry about getting lost in a labyrinth of logistics. Here are some other features to look forward to:

  • Review day-to-day stats within the dashboard and check your success.
  • Check your recent orders to determine payment status, customer info, and more.
  • Create your products and list to popular marketplaces without logging in to each seller platform.


Seamless Ecommerce User Interface


Interactive Online Store Builder

Our ecommerce website builder makes it easy to create a beautiful webstore that’ll help you reach those previously unattainable customers. Quickly build your website with a step-by-step guide. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to add brand materials, color schemes, and other popular web elements without any prior development knowledge.

The ecomdash webstore builder is integrated seamlessly within our interface, so you can navigate from the home screen straight to your store. What’s even better, you can list products from your ecomdash account and populate the webstore from there. Everything is connected so you can save time focusing on other aspects of your business.

Check out these other great features our website builder has to offer:

  • Choose from over 30 predesigned sections including bookings, contact forms, carousels, call to actions, and more!
  • You can also use a free domain, create a custom one directly in the website builder, or connect to an existing domain.
  • Set business information, branding details, shipping options, legal documents, and enable automatic tax calculation.


Interactive Online Store Builder


Professional Inventory and Listing Management

One of the best ways to expand your store is by adding new products to your catalog. But when you start selling more products, the more difficult it is to manage those listings. You need a system that helps you stay organized no matter how many products you have. Instead of spending hours inputting data into an Excel sheet, check out our solution to automate this mundane task.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, we’ve perfected inventory and listing management. Our software keeps track of all your products across marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, and shopping carts – including your ecomdash webstore. Sit back and relax as your inventory is automatically synced whenever you make a sale.

Here are some other features to look forward to with our inventory management software:

  • Create inventory reorder rules at the product level.
  • Add new products, edit descriptions, and remove unwanted listings in minutes.
  • Include listing presets to save time and focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Manage product variations, kits, bundles, and digital products.


Professional Inventory and Listing Management


Comprehensive Order and Fulfillment Management

One of the main causes of ecommerce failure is a poorly executed fulfillment process. If your store can’t handle incoming orders and shipping requests, then it’ll be a short business venture. Online shoppers are picky, so issues like delayed delivery, damaged goods, and incorrect products can be very harmful.

We understand the difficulty when it comes to order fulfillment, which is why we offer extensive features to help you through the entire process. From the second your store receives an order to the time the product is delivered. When a sales order comes in, your inventory is reduced, recalculated, and then updated across all your integrated platforms – to avoid overselling – then orders can be routed to your chosen destination or you can process them yourself with our ecommerce shipping software.

Other fulfillment features include:

  • Create automated order feeds via FTP/SFTP.
  • Track your shipments in near real time.
  • Print pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels in bulk.
  • Set priorities for orders to be sent to FBA, a 3PL, a dropship supplier, or your warehouse.


Comprehensive Order and Fulfillment Management


In-Depth Ecommerce Reporting

What’s the point of playing the game if you don’t know who’s winning? In other words, how do you know that your ecommerce business is successful unless you track your data? It’d be nice to list products and hope everything sells, but that’s not how ecommerce works.

With ecomdash, you can track several aspects of your business and be informed so you can make important changes. For example, within our reporting section, you can see which items are hot and which ones you should spend fewer resources on. Use the data to anticipate trends and plan for the future of your store.

Here are some data-driven decisions you can make with our reports:

  • Develop strategies and better understand past results for future forecasts
  • Determine the profitability of your ecommerce store
  • Create a budget based off previous spending
  • Remove stale products or market your best sellers


In-Depth Ecommerce Reporting


Start Your Ecommerce Business Today!

Opening an ecommerce store isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But you’ve got a great product and a drive to become a successful online seller. And now, you’re taking the biggest step in your journey – getting started.

Ecomdash is made for beginners. Not only do we offer great ecommerce resources, but our software is perfect for online merchants of all skill levels, at an affordable price. Whether you’re listing products exclusively on Amazon, dropshipping items, or trying to build your brand, ecomdash has everything you need.

Our listing services and marketplace manager will help you become a top seller on Amazon. Our order fulfillment features will help you dropship like a pro. And our webstore builder can help build your brand into a household name. Get started for free today!


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